15+ Best WordPress Megamenu Plugins

Megamenus are usually used by E-Commerce websites and large portals with hundreds of pages and tons of information.

You can add images, videos, load articles using custom queries and load WooCommerce products easily.

In this article, I have listed my favorite WordPress megamenu plugins to help you design a powerful WordPress website without spending weeks or months designing the perfect mega menu navigation.

Let’s get started.

Max Mega Menu

1 max mega menu

Max mega menu is a powerful and freemium WordPress megamenu plugin that comes with all the bells & whistles that you need.

Some notable features include:

  • Free option with limited features for blogs and business websites.
  • Ability to add columns, widgets, tabs and regular flyout menus.
  • Icon links
  • Sliding search bar
  • Animated dropdown menu for mobile navigation
  • Add logo image

With over 400K+ active installations and 4.7/5 stars, Max Mega Menu is a solid navigation plugin for designers and WordPress users who want to give this plugin a test drive and later upgrade to the premium version.

You can download the plugin and start using it on your website by clicking the download button below.

Quadmenu Megamenu Plugin

2 quadmenu

Quadmenu is another great freemium WordPress megamenu plugin that comes with tons of features such as:

  • Multiple megamenu demos to import.
  • Various layouts to select from including: collapsed layout, embedded, offcanvas and vertical.
  • WooCommerce support and integration
  • WordPress widget support
  • Tabs
  • Carousel
  • WooCommerce Cart
  • Login/Register links

It’s not wrong to say that Quadmenu is the most powerful WordPress megamenu plugin out there. There are so many options and layouts that you can give your navigation menu a unique look and feel without touching the code.

Even with the mobile navigation styles, you get to choose between the regular collapsible menu and a off-canvas navigation menu.

When you purchase a premium product, you expect it to give you such options to build something unique.

Download this awesome megamenu navigation menu plugin and see what you can do with it. If you are happy with the result, upgrade to the premium version.

WP Mega Menu By Themeum

3 wp mega menu

Suitable for course sellers, education portals, e-commerce websites, publishing portals, and business websites, WP Mega Menu is a powerhouse of a navigation menu plugin.

WP Mega Menu offers an array of features that you’ll have to explore by clicking the live preview link. Some of the notable features include the following:

  • Drag and drop building that helps in building unique megamenu tabs
  • Horizontal and vertical megamenus
  • Social links
  • Search bar options
  • Branding options
  • Flexible drag

It’s a super-fast WordPress navigation menu plugin which makes it a promising choice for designers that are looking for a performance-friendly megamenu plugin.

Groovy Mega Menu

4 groovy mega menu

Groovy Mega Menu comes with a lot of options to design and tweak the appearance of the megamenu. This makes Groovy Mega Menu a powerful navigation tool.

You can use this plugin on a number of websites including E-Commerce sites, blogs, business websites and more.

Some of its notable features include:

  • Various menu layouts to choose from (For each menu layout)
  • Sticky menu
  • Icon menu
  • RTL Support
  • One-page menus and more
  • WooCommerce support
  • Easy Google Maps integration

On top of that, you can choose from your regular hamburger menu option and off-canvas menu for mobile users or have them active on all screens.

It’s a complete plugin and you have access to numerous customizing options. No matter what level of experience you have with WordPress, you will be able to build a powerful megamenu inside WordPress without breaking a sweat.

If you get stuck, you always have the complimentary customer support with this plugin.

UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

5 ubermenu

Ubermenu is said to be the most powerful WordPress megamenu plugin. Not just that, it’s been around for a long time and I have used Ubermenu on a number of my web design projects.

So, I can vouch for the reliability and features that this plugin has on offer.

Some of its notable features include the following:

  • Multiple megamenu styles to choose from
  • Powerful plugin admin panel
  • Premium extensions to extend the features further
  • WooCommerce support
  • Icons and social media icons
  • Branding option
  • Cart feature

Ubermenu offers hundreds of features and if you plan on spending some cash on those extensions, you will have the most powerful megamenu plugin at your disposal.

The only problem I have with Ubermenu is the fact that you have to purchase extensions for skins, off-canvas navigation, and even sticky navigation settings. This makes Ubermenu one of the more expensive megamenu WordPress plugins out there.

WP Mega Menu Pro

6 wp mega menu pro

With multiple pre-defined megamenu templates to choose from, WP Mega Menu Pro is the perfect choice for designers and WordPress developers looking for a solid, developer-friendly navigation menu plugin.

Here’s the list of some awesome features:

  • Option to enable menu on various locations
  • Flyout menu options
  • Trigger effects
  • Transition effects
  • WordPress widget support
  • Menu labels with animation
  • FontAwesome, Genericon, Dashicons, Iconmoon and Line Icons support

You can also list a few blog posts in your mega menu plugin if you want.

I would recommend the WP Mega Menu Pro plugin for e-commerce websites, membership portals, magazine websites, and big corporate websites. Check out all the features and options by clicking the button below.

As of now, there are no free versions available for download.

So, you will have to purchase the premium version.

Hero Menu

7 hero menu

Hero Menu is the most intuitive megamenu WordPress plugin on this list. You have the ability to disable and enable the features that you need. If you don’t need the logo, you can simply disable it.

Designing and setting up the navigation menu is also simple and straightforward. You have a dashboard on which you can drag-n-drop menu items and various other visual elements to build the perfect navigation menu.

Some of the notable features include the following:

  • Transparent navigation menu
  • Smart Snap transitions and animation
  • Compatible with Google maps and support social media icons, search and branding options
  • Multiple color combinations
  • Sticky navigation support

It gives out a minimal feel that portals from the fashion industry will appreciate but you can also use it on any given website.


8 smartmenu

SmartMenu is somewhat similar to Ubermenu but you don’t have to pay for the flat skins and other tweaks. Some of the notable features include the following:

  • Select the effects, visibility on various screens and multiple type of mobile navigation layout to choose from.
  • 20+ Skins
  • WooCommerce support
  • Google maps support
  • Grid layouts
  • Social media icons support
  • WordPress search

It’s a pretty simple navigation menu that comes with all the necessary features and options to help you power a business, publishing portal, portfolio, or small-scale e-commerce website.

Unfortunately, SmartMenu is also a premium plugin. So, you will have to check the live plugin demo to see if it’s a good fit for your next web design project.

Mega Main Menu

9 mega main menu

Mega Main Menu is a very matured megamenu navigation plugin. It looks a bit dull and old-school but with a few simple tweaks, you can turn it into a modern-looking menu.

Some of its great features include:

  • Multiple color options
  • Dedicated admin dashboard
  • Branding options to insert Logo and search.
  • Icon support
  • One-click option to select various options to change the appearance of the menu

If you are looking for a simple and intuitive megamenu navigation plugin, Mega Main Menu is a promising plugin to get started with.

Although it doesn’t come with any free version, the developers have given front-end tweaking options. So, just click the demo button and start tweaking the demo the way you want.

It is simple and you will be able to customize the menu within a few minutes.

Superfly Responsive Menu

10 superfly responsive menu

Don’t want any horizontal menu on your website? Superfly is the plugin that you are looking for.

The reason why I like this plugin so much is the fact that your website doesn’t have to load a bunch of unnecessary styles that usually come packed with a menu plugin that packs both vertical and horizontal navigation menus.

Some of the most notable features include the following:

  • Animated, modern-looking Superfly mega menu suitable for blogs, personal portfolios, magazines, and even some e-commerce websites.
  • Choose from Panel, Navbar, Full and Skewed type navigation style.
  • Light and dark modes available.
  • No need to tweak and ready to be launched with any type of web design.

With so many features to play around with, Superfly is simply one of the most powerful off-canvas navigation menus out there.


11 elementskit

ElementsKit is not just a megamenu plugin. It’s a bundle of visual elements that you get as a kit with a single purchase. I would strongly recommend you to only use ElementsKit if you are designing your website using the Elementor page builder. Otherwise, you will have to install the Elementor page builder to just design your navigation menu.

Moving on, some of the most notable features include:

  • Both vertical and horizontal megamenu options
  • Works seamlessly with Elementor page builder
  • Choose from dark and light backgrounds for menus and megamenu items
  • Google Maps support

Again, if you already use Elementor or are planning on designing a WordPress website using the same, ElementKit will give you the much-needed superpower.

What sets it apart from all the other options in this list is the performance. Elementor is known for its fast performance, ElementsKit is also superfast and only uses minimal server resources.

Not to mention, the amount of visual elements that you get with this plugin makes it a solid purchase.

Slick Menu

12 slickmenu

With the most customization options and features for the off-canvas/fly menu, Slick Menu is the most powerful WordPress mega menu navigation plugin on this list.

To list a few, Slick Menu offer the following options:

  • Use this plugin to load recent posts, posts gallery and even portfolio items on-click.
  • Multiple layout styles to choose from.
  • Social media integration.
  • Dynamic post support.
  • Multiple hamburger icons and trigger animations to choose from.

A powerful vertical navigation plugin with hundreds of customization options to help you build something amazing. That’s what I would classify Slick Menu as.

It’s a “no-nonsense” navigation menu plugin with that comes at a very affordable price.

Check it in action by clicking the button below.

MDF Megamenu

13 mdf megamenu

MDF megamenu offers 4 layouts to choose from and is powered by the Bootstrap CSS framework. So, naturally, I wouldn’t recommend this plugin on low-spec shared hosting plans.

Some of the notable features include:

  • Pure CSS3 animations and transitions
  • Sticky option
  • Google maps support
  • Touch device friendly

Furthermore, you can also insert contact forms, load portfolio items, integrate WooCommerce products, and even have a mixed-navigation menu items with multiple visual elements.

Start using this plugin on your website by clicking the demo link below.

FAQs: WordPress Megamenu Plugins

1) Will using Megamenu plugins slow down my WordPress website?

Yes, not just a megamenu plugin but installing plugins progressively slows down your WordPress website. If a plugin is well-made, you will not notice any significant reduction in performance but poorly built plugins are known to slow down WordPress websites and create security issues on a regular basis.

2) Who should use these plugins?

If you are a designer who doesn’t have the time to design a unique-looking megamenu plugin for a single client, you should get one of these plugins to build the website.

I recommend using such plugins on E-Commerce websites, publishing portals with hundreds of articles, business websites with hundreds of pages, and so on.

3) Vertical navigation menu or a horizontal navigation menu?

It depends on the web design.

Some people believe that horizontal menu performs better while the other think that vertical gives out a premium feel.

I rarely see popular websites use vertical navigation menus but vertical menus can be seen in action on SEO websites and web design contractor’s websites.

So, it’s up to you.

4) Are megamenu plugins good for the SEO?

I don’t see any harm in using a megamenu plugin.

As long as you are not disturbing the user-experience, search engines will not have any problems.

5) What elements should you avoid including inside your megamenu?

Google maps, WordPress galleries, contact forms, and portfolio items should be avoided if you are running your website on a mediocre server. It puts an unnecessary load on your server and might slow down the front-end of the website on mobile devices.

If you still think that you need these elements on your menu area, it’s better to develop an Application for mobile users.

Conclusion: WordPress Megamenu Plugins

So, these were the top-notch, highly-rated WordPress megamenu plugins that are available in the market today. You can easily download/purchase any of these plugins and get started with building a powerful Megamenu navigation menu in WordPress.

Some of these plugins are freemium which means that you can download and use them with limited features but if you want to unlock all the features, you will have to upgrade to the premium version.

I have only listed navigation menu plugins that offered at least of these options or features:

  • Off-canvas menu
  • Vertical navigation with megamenu
  • Horizontal navigation with megamenu
  • Multiple layouts for megamenu content
  • Easy-to-use megamenu builder
  • Fast performing
  • Regular updates
  • In-depth documentation
  • At least 1 month of technical support

Furthermore, if you don’t want to use WordPress plugins, there are plenty of JQuery plugins offered by CSS frameworks and web developers that you can download, tweak and start using for free.