25+ Best Review WordPress Themes

Want to start a review website and make money with affiliate products? Review WordPress themes are the best way to get the ball rolling with style.

Unlike your regular, boring premium and free WordPress themes, Review themes come packed with a lot of features specifically keeping review websites in mind.

From rich snippet schema to review boxes with multiple layouts and styles for different review categories, review WordPress themes have been powering a lot of powerful affiliate marketing and product review websites today.

If you don’t make use of a review theme, you will have to manually set everything up or hire a professional web developer to build you a custom solution which would eventually cost you ten times the investment that you’d spend on purchasing a premium review WordPress theme.

So, when starting out, it is always recommended to get a prebuilt theme instead of investing thousands of dollars on building a custom platform.

The main problem is choosing the right theme from all the other offerings.

Don’t worry.

In this article, I am listing some of the most popular, reliable, and sought-after WordPress review themes. You can go right ahead and install any one of these themes and start publishing reviews within a few hours.

At the end of this article, I will also answer some FAQs that might help in clearing some doubts when it comes to purchasing, installing, and modifying these themes.

So, let’s get started.

Jannah WordPress Magazine & Review Theme

19 - Jannah-min

Jannah is my favorite review WordPress theme. Unlike many review themes, Jannah is not just a review theme. In the magazine and newspaper segment, Jannah is a multipurpose theme that packs all the review modules that you’d need to publish professional and appealing-looking review websites.

As mentioned earlier, it is not just a review WordPress theme. It is a powerful magazine theme that comes packed with many features such as:

  • Social media feeds
  • ability to toggle between light and dark version of the theme
  • custom widgets to display articles from specific categories
  • font awesome integration
  • multiple header layouts
  • multiple post layout with background colors for blocks and many other features

This theme is truly the only theme that you’d need to launch your powerful publishing business with WordPress.

If we talk about the review features, you get to work with many customization options such as related reviews, star/percentage/points review types, custom placement of review boxes, review archives, and more.

If you want to explore all the features, you can check out the live theme demo by clicking the button below.

Divi Theme


Divi might not be the most powerful WordPress review theme out there but it is a powerful starter theme for anyone who’s interested in launching a lite review section inside their existing blogs. With just a few settings you can turn any blog posts or page into a product review. Most blogs these days publish some sort of review articles to make the most out of their affiliate marketing campaigns.

So, having a light-weight and powerful premium theme with reliable customer support will help you in running a fast and less server hungry review website that makes money on auto-pilot.

Just like any other premium WordPress theme, Divi comes with a lot of features such as custom shortcodes, blog layouts, archives, custom front-page, and more.

Divi is also one of the fastest premium themes out there with a history of continuous support and regular updates.

So, if you are looking for a premium WordPress theme with which you want to start your own review website, go ahead and get started with the Divi theme.

Gauge Review Theme

01 Gauge Review Theme Review Themes min

Gauge is a premium theme with a long list of features such as AJAX filtering, forum integration, add optimization, clean codes, optimized for better search rankings, front-end posting, theme panel, and more.

I’d have to dedicate a complete article to list all of the features and modules that this offers.

Click on the demo button to see this theme in action.

GeneratePress Theme

GeneratePress Theme

I am a big fan of fully-fledged review themes that come packed with almost all the features that you’d ever need to publish appealing products.

That said, it is a known fact that having so many features active on a shared hosting platform will lead to many server-related problems. In many cases, the hosting provider may suspend your account for overusing the server resources but you can’t avoid writing reviews when you launch a new blog.

The alternative to using a fully-fledged review theme is to use an ultra-fast and reliable WordPress theme with a simple review plugin to get the blog rolling in the first few months.

Once your blog starts gaining some traction online, you can move to better web hosting and install any WordPress theme that you like.

This is where GeneratePress comes into play. GeneratePress is the most developers and customization-friendly WordPress theme out there. It has a free variant that you can use without spending any money. But, the pro version comes with a lot of customization options and tools.

So, if you are on a tight budget, get the free version and start publishing reviews.

Astra Pro Theme

Astra Pro

Astra Pro is another wonderful option available in the freemium segment that you can use to launch your review website. Just install Astra theme and a review plugin. You are all set.

Some review plugins might give you all the features that you’ll find in premium themes. So, if you don’t care too much about customization and just want to launch a simple review blog with minimal functions.

Astra Pro is one of the fastest WordPress themes in the business with a ton of options to tweak and if you go for the premium version, you can easily modify the front-end of your website into a completely unique portal.

It also offers you a site library with demo templates that you can import with just a button click. So, if you are looking for a fast WordPress theme to get your review website started or if you are a blogger that’s looking to start posting reviews on your blog, Astra Pro is a good theme to start designing the new facelift of your website.

Valenti Review Magazine Theme

02 Valenti Review WordPress Themes min

Valenti is a hybrid theme. It’s a multipurpose WordPress theme that you can use to build a number of websites such as magazines, blogs, multi-authored publications, e-commerce websites, and review websites.

So, you can expect it to have all the features and modules that you see in a review theme. From star ratings to SCHEMAS and many more features will help you in powering a solid review website online.

Since it’s a multipurpose WordPress theme, you can expect it to have the same amount of customized style for reviews. Yet, it sports discounts, pros & cons section, affiliate button in the basic review setting. But, if you want a more professional-looking review website designed, you can do so easily using shortcodes made available by the theme.

The review box has options to include product description, pros & cons, custom criteria that you can add.

It is a well-established WordPress theme and I have seen countless niche websites and review websites built using this theme.

So, don’t worry about customer support, reliability and documentation.

Gazek Review and Membership Theme

05 Gazek Review wordpress themes min

Gazek is a front-end submission review website. You can design a custom homepage with a transparent header, CTA banner section, important info section, top categories blocks, top reviews, latest blog articles, and a contact us section.

There are many other features that you can insert into the homepage to make it look unique. Since this theme is built for user-reviews, you don’t even have to hire and publish reviews on your own. The users will share their experiences with a said product.

Huber Review Theme

06 Huber review wordpress themes min

Huber is a review magazine WordPress theme that offers a traditional magazine-style design language which makes it a good choice for tech websites and gadget review sites.

Featured review widgets, custom magazine and news style review blogs, sliders, and homepage banners with review score and WooCommerce compatibility.

The review box itself contains a lot of features such as pros & cons, review scores along with the individual scores for custom criteria, and a final verdict.

At the end of the single blog review page, you also can enable voting system for your readers.

Puva Review Theme For Affiliate Sites

07 Puva min

With multiple demo sites to import, Puva offers more than three powerful home demos to quickly launch your review website. Puva is also a multipurpose WordPress theme that packs a solid punch for the price.

You can customize this theme using the in-build theme panel, start newsletter campaigns, launch your own WooCommerce store, and built custom pages using the Elementor page builder.

PowerMag Review and Magazine Theme

08 PowerMag review wordpress themes min

The gaming industry is huge. So, it is wise to start your own gaming review website where you could post video game reviews, latest news related to the gaming industry and accept front-end submissions.

PowerMag is specifically built keeping that in mind. The dark layout, sharp edges to the elements, and forum support make it a perfect option for game reviewers and enthusiasts.

The review box has a professional and bold look. You can add your own metrics, final thoughts. Users can also submit their votes and it will be shown inside the review box.

I like this theme very much. In fact, I would use PowerMag to build gaming review websites without thinking twice.

DizzyMag Review Theme For WordPress

09 DizzyMag review wordpress themes min

If you want a sober-looking review theme that suitable for book review websites and even some hobby review blog, DizzyMag is the best theme on this list. You might not even need any customization to start your review website.

Just like any other review theme, you will have to add custom metrics, a summary, and an overall score in the review box.

Newspaper Theme

10 Newspaper theme review wordpress themes min

Newspaper theme is one of the most powerful news and magazine WordPress themes. It’s considered the best magazine theme in the market as of now and I strongly believe so.

Newspaper theme comes packed with so many features and yet, it manages to load within 3 seconds. That’s the level of optimization and clean coding that we are talking about.

You can turn any blog post or news article or review into a full-blown review with a review box with review overview, custom metrics, review summary, and overall score.

You may need to customize the review box if you want to make it look more aesthetic and bold with multiple colors and options. Personally, I like the plain and simple look.

REHub Multipurpose Review Theme

11 Rehub min

REHub is one of the most versatile review WordPress themes. With this single theme, you can build an online magazine, a review site, a tech store, a movie review website, and almost all types of business websites.

It’s powerful yet light on server resources. You can use this theme on a shared VPS and still manage to handle up to 50K monthly visitors with a decent WordPress optimization plugin.

It comes with many demo templates that you can import and customize as per your requirements. If you are in a hurry, you’ll fall in love with these demos.

Most of the demos are for e-commerce, review sites, digital marketplace and community review sites.

Unlike many premium WordPress themes, REHub actually offers unique looking demos for you to choose from. So, you don’t have to spend more time customizing the theme to make it look unique.

Newsmag WordPress Theme


Newsmag is a sister theme of Newspaper. Newspaper is one of the most downloaded and sought-after WordPress magazine themes. And, Newsmag shares almost all the features that Newspaper theme comes packed with.

You can literally build any type of magazine website with this theme. Although there aren’t any built-in front-end review submission options, I am pretty sure that you will be able to achieve the same by installing a few plugins.

Now, let’s talk about the review modules and features.

You’d be glad to know that Newsmag comes packed with almost all the review-related features. You get to have a dedicated review box with a review overview, various custom metrics, a review summary, and an overall score.

I think, if you are just starting, NewsMag is more than enough to get your site out there. And, that too with style.

Newsblock News and Review Theme


Newsblock comes with both light and dark versions. You can choose to have a dark layout for your review website since that’s trending these days.

This theme comes with a custom navigation menu with many elements and options for your to tweak. You can add your own widgets and content on the homepage without any codes.

If we talk about the review functionality, you get a different review layout when compared with other themes.

There’s no review box but your review will be shown as a piece of content. But, you will still have the review title, a review summary, custom metrics, overall review score at the bottom of your review post.

Since it is a newly launched theme, you can experience all the new design elements and UI features.

Digiqole WordPress Themes

Review WordPress Themes

Digiqole is a multipurpose WordPress magazine theme suitable for tech, finance, and video blogs. Although it doesn’t come packed with review options, you can easily install a review plugin and turn this theme into a review theme.

The design is well-balanced and uses modern design trends to make the homepage and individual blog posts look user-friendly and easier to digest.

So, Digiqole is the best theme for people who want to launch a good-looking and professional review website without spending too much money.

Newspread Magazine Theme

Review WordPress Themes

Newspread is a magazine WordPress theme with multiple homepage designs, review features, blog layouts, and an overall clean design.

Furthermore, the review box looks professional and clean. Newspread’s review box is the best one in terms of design and contrast.

For their review boxes, they use WP Product Review to get this done. If you are a fan of minimal and clean design and want to use a theme that can help you start your review website.

Wine Masonry Review Theme

16 Wine min

Right off the bat, when you visit the homepage of the website, you’ll see some reviews and ratings. You can use Wine Masonry to launch a magazine website, a blog, a publication website, and a review blog. The review box looks similar to the ones that you see on giant tech blogs.

The review block comes with custom metrics, overall score, review summary, and verdict. You also can accept user ratings which adds an extra layer of credibility to your reviews.

Vinkmag AMP Newspaper and Review Theme

17 Vinkmag min

Vinkmag comes with both light and dark website demos. Also, you can import from 30+ website demos that you can install and customize without any problem. By default, it doesn’t come with any review feature but you can install any review plugin to enable reviews with this theme.

The simple yet gorgeous looking template will help you in attracting and retaining readers.

I wish, they had review options built right into this theme but, it’s a good thing to use an external plugin to extend the functionality of WordPress as you will be replacing themes once in a while and if you use these features, you might have to hire developers to carry these features using a custom plugin.

Sahifa WordPress Theme

Review WordPress Themes

Before the Newspaper theme, Sahifa used to be my favorite magazine theme. It is still one of my top themes for niche websites and review portals. The only reason why I still prefer Sahifa over the Newspaper theme is the review box style and design.

The review box also lets you accept user votes for the review. This way, your readers can participate in the review process.

Also, user validation helps in building credibility.

Sahifa is 100% responsive with all the bells & whistles that you’d find in a typical premium WordPress magazine theme.

Get Sahifa if you want a simple yet powerful review theme to run your review website.

Conclusion: Best Review WordPress Themes

A couple of years back, you’d have spent hours and hours on modifying some newspaper theme into looking somewhat close to a review website. You install premium, heavy, and poorly optimized plugins, hire cheap developers from freelance sites and end up with a relatively slow website with a bunch of unnecessary features that eat up a lot of server resources.

Those days are gone.

Now, you can simply install one of these blazing fast themes and get started with pumping out quality content without any customization.

In case, if you like to tweak a few styles, you can easily do that in most of these themes with the help of their beginner-friendly theme panels.

Which one of these theme did you like the most?

Drop your comments in the comment section below.