How To Create a Deals Page in WordPress

A deals page in WordPress helps you in organizing your affiliate deals and displaying them as a custom post type with archive. Which means whenever someone visits your deals page, they will see a list of recommended tools and resources with proper design including a featured image, button, discount code and a short description.

In order to create a deals page in WordPress, you don’t need a powerful coupons plugin or learn WordPress development or hire an expensive developer.

There are three major ways of creating a deals page in WordPress. I am going to walk you through all of these processes in this WordPress tutorial.

Let’s get started right away.

Method #1: Build a deals page in WordPress using WP Coupons Plugin.

For this method to work, we are going to make use of WP Coupons Plugin which is a premium WordPress plugin.

Step #1: Head over to WPCOUPONS.IO and get your copy of WP Coupons Plugin. Once the purchase is successful, download the plugin and upload it to your WordPress website.

create a deals page min

Step #2: Activate the plugin. If there are any plugin conflicts, make sure to disable any caching plugins. If nothing works, activate the default WordPress theme to see if that solves the problem.

Step #3: Once the plugin is successfully activated, you can head over to the plugin’s settings page. Here you’ll be able to configure and style the WordPress plugin the way you want.

create a deals page 2 min

Step #4: Soon after activating the plugin, you will see a “Coupons” option in the side navigation menu in the WordPress admin dashboard.

Step #5: You can add your new coupons and deals now.

Step #6: Click on the “Add New” link to add a new coupon.

Step: #7: Now you can add the following details:

create a deals page 1 min
  • Discount Title
  • Featured image
  • Discount
  • Discount Code
  • Discount Code URL (Affiliate Link)
  • Discount Description
  • Call-To-Action Button
  • Expiration Date
  • Coupon Category
  • Tags
  • Permalink

On top of that, you will also get a shortcode that you can insert inside any blog post or page and widgets.

Once you fill all the information, you can click on the “publish” button, and it will be published under the “Coupons” archive.

create a deals page front end min

That’s it. You now have a coupon active on the front-end of your website.

Without this plugin, you’d have to build a complex plugin or use some other option that’s not as good.

There’s no limit. You can add as many coupons as you’d like and the plugin will function without any problems.

Method #2: List all your resources in a single page using Gutenberg Editor.

If you don’t have the budget to spend on a premium plugin to create a deals page, you can simply use the Gutenberg Editor to design your own deals page.

Gutenberg Editor create a deals page min

The major downside to going this direction is that you will have to update/delete discount coupons and codes manually by visiting the pages on your own.

That said, since Gutenberg Editor comes packed with WordPress, you don’t have to worry about performance or compatibility issues.

If you don’t have too many coupons and want to share your favorite tools with your followers and readers, this route might be the best for you.

Method #3: Design static images in Photoshop and use Gutenberg or Elementor to place them on a page.

Before anything fancy such as a coupon’s plugin existed, most of us tried using Photoshop to design coupon images. Once fully designed, you just upload these images in your website.

The best part is that you don’t need to know any HTML or use any web design tools to design the coupons and deals.

The major downside with this being that images are static, and you’ll need to edit them or completely redesign them on a regular basis. Plus, high-quality images are large in file size and will take more time to load. If you compress images, they usually lose some quality.

So, unless you can’t design using Gutenberg and you don’t want to pay for a premium plugin, you should avoid this way of inserting coupons in WordPress.

Conclusion: How to create a deals page in WordPress

Creating a deals page not only helps you in organizing your deals and affiliate promotions, it also helps you in displaying all these deals in a custom post type in the front-end. So, you don’t have to create multiple pages with static deals listed in them.

Specially, if you are an affiliate marketer who makes money using product promotions, having such a feature in your website can be a lifesaver.

Many WordPress themes come packed with this feature, but I don’t recommend using them as you will be stuck with the same theme or else you’ll lose all the deals and affiliate deals if you switch to a different theme.

So, following this tutorial is the best way to create a future-proof deals page in WordPress.

Do you plan on using deals page on your website? If so, what type of customization will you do to make it look unique. Drop your thoughts in the comment section below.