20+Best Keyword Research Tools


Let’s be honest. Keyword research tools are the most important marketing tool that you must have in your toolkit. Yes, you can do marketing without any keyword research tools but in order to make the most out of your investments, you need tried & tested data and these keyword research tools make sure that you … Read more

10+ Best Bulk Emailing Services

Bulk Emailing Services

Bulk Email Services are used by marketers and bloggers to send promotional content, latest blog updates, affiliate deals, and product launch invitations. Sometimes, we see bulk emailing services being used in cold emailing campaigns to acquire low-hanging clients. So, if you look at all the benefits that come packed with the use of these bulk … Read more

10+ Tips To Increase CTR of Your Blog

increase CTR - Featured-min.png

Click-Through Rate or CTR is the calculation of the number of Clicks received by your links on a search engine results page by the number of total impressions. So, in short, CTR = Click ÷ Impressions. I don’t want to get into the Math of this whole formula, but, the more CTR you have the … Read more

10+ Best Button Colors To Increase CTR

Best Button Colors

Choosing the right color for your buttons can help you increase your overall revenue, newsletter signups, and activity on your blog. There are hundreds of colors to choose from but what are the best button colors and why? In this article, I am going to share some interesting facts and theories related to the effects … Read more

50+ Best Marketing Blogs To Become a Marketing Expert

Best Marketing Blogs

Marketing blogs are the best websites to get some real marketing content. Be it SEO or conversion rate optimization, you’ll find at least a couple of tutorials floating on the web that you can read for free. But, the challenge is to find the right and reliable marketing blogs to learn or experiment new marketing … Read more