25+ Best Bookstore WordPress Themes

Bookstore WordPress themes can help you build an online library or your own online book store in without having to hire an expensive web design agency.

Not to mention that hiring an agency will also result in delays in launch date. This means that you end up spending a lot more money that you could have avoided if you had chosen ready-made, premium book store WordPress themes.

That said, choosing a good WordPress theme is always a challenging task when there are so many great options available in the market today.

So, in this article, I am going to share with you my favorite book store WordPress themes that you can download, install and customize to your liking, and launch your own book store online without any delays or spending a fortune on fancy web design agencies.

Let’s get started.

Ultra Theme

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Ultra is a premium theme that has a lot of theme demos that you can import easily with just one click. It comes packed with a builder that you can use to customize the theme and the front page of a website to your liking.

If that’s not enough Ultra also comes with a lot of other features such as custom home page, custom block layouts and online shop page where you can start selling your books and even start your own book store with many  categories.

Shoppe WooCommerce Theme For Bookstores

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Shoppe is a multipurpose e-commerce WordPress theme that can be used as a bookstore theme as well. You don’t necessarily need to customize this theme as it is a multi-purpose WooCommerce theme but if you want, you can add your own styles and use the theme builder to give the theme a unique look and feel to match the branding of your book store.

There are so many layouts and header styles to choose from that you can use this theme on a range of different industries from fashion to sports and even an online library.

That’s what makes this theme a wonderful choice for people who want an all-rounder WordPress theme that can be customized without touching a piece of code.


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Pinshop is a minimal e-commerce WordPress theme that can be used in any industry that you want. If you go to the demo page, you will see that the theme is a bare minimum WooCommerce theme which means that you will have to customize it in order to make it look good.

That’s one downside to using Pinshop as your book store WordPress theme. But, in this case, I am willing to make the sacrifice as most bookstores don’t actually need that many features and fancy visual elements.

Furthermore, too many visual elements can also put a load on the server making your website really slow in the front end.

So, if you are starting out, it is recommended to use a lightweight theme that can be customized and tweaked into looking good in the front end without having too many visual elements that could eventually slow down your server and consume all the server resources.

Divi Theme

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Divi Theme is a spectacular WordPress theme that’s been around for a very long time. No matter what you’re building, with Divi theme you can build almost any type of website.

From Book Stores to sport magazine to personal blogs and multipurpose e-commerce websites, once you get this theme you will never need any other theme to build your websites.

Divi Theme is 100% mobile responsive and SEO friendly. So, you don’t have to worry about configuring the SEO of the theme or modifying the theme to score well on Google.

On top of all the that, you will be glad to know that Divi theme has been around for a very long time. With such great history of reliability and security, you just can’t go wrong with Divi Theme

Astra Pro Theme

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Astra Pro is one of the most popular WordPress themes today. The fact that you can use this theme on any E-commerce website without any customization makes if it is a very promising option amongst the premium WordPress theme Marketplace.

You can easily import e-commerce demos from the theme library and start building your own book store without touching the code.

Plus, Astra Pro is also a very fast WordPress theme and doesn’t use that many server resources to load all the fancy visual elements and Graphics on the front end of the website.

Checkout Astra if you are looking for a very performance friendly and fast WordPress theme that can get the job done without hogging up all the resources.

Convert Theme

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Convert WordPress theme made for authors. If you are an author, and you want to launch your website, and share your work with the world, also have the ability to sell your own books online, Convert Theme maybe the theme you are looking for.

With multiple layouts, header styles, filters and e-commerce navigation menus, Convert Theme has all the features that you need from a typical e-commerce WordPress theme.

It is also very lightweight which means that your website will load quickly and your users will not have to wait for a long time for the content on your website to load.

Nozama Lite

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Nozama Lite Is a multipurpose e-commerce WordPress theme that can be modified into a book store WordPress theme with the help of the default theme builder and some minor structural tweaks.

You can use the theme customizer to change pretty much anything on the website including the header, e-commerce product listing page, homepage, the footer section of the website, the blog pages and much more.

Nozama Lite  is a free version of Nozama pro of which comes with a lot more bells and whistles but if you just want to launch a basic book store and share your work online the free version should be more than enough.

In case, if you want to upgrade to the premium version you can do that easily without changing the theme.

Decorist Theme

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Decorist Theme might sound like a team that’s built for furniture stores but let me tell you that you can easily customize this theme and even use it without customizing for any  e-commerce industry.

The light theme makes it easy for the customer to use the same for any purpose. On top of having all the e-commerce functionalities, you can also use this theme for your blog.

As all the other e-commerce themes listed here, Decorist Theme also comes packed with the theme builder and the theme customizer that you can use to customize this theme if you don’t like the default styles.

Author Pro Theme

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Author Pro theme is the perfect theme for authors to share their work online. It is powered by Genesis framework and comes back with all the necessary features that you need to run your own Book Store online.

You get the ability to list your latest work, have a shop feature that let you sell your books online, create a custom homepage within about section and latest works, a customizable block section where you can share your latest updates and a footer section.

This theme is powered by Genesis framework, you don’t really have to worry about future updates and security.

Although Author Pro theme doesn’t compact with a lot of fancy looking visual elements, if you look at the performance of this theme might blow others out of the water and yet managed to give you all the features that are necessary to run a Bookstore online today.

Jessica Theme

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Jessica Theme is another great WordPress theme built for WooCommerce WordPress plugin. You can download this theme and customize to give it a unique look and feel. But if you are not someone who like to customize their themes, the default styles are elegant enough to be used right out of the box.

Since it is an e-commerce WordPress theme, its major focus is towards offering e-commerce and WooCommerce functionality but if you want you can also use this theme as a blog theme.


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CookelyMight sound like a cooking WordPress theme, but you can easily use it to sell recipes, books, magazines and even create a book store of your room with just a few minor customizations.

This thing comes packed with social media, different navigation menus, a shop page, custom header, custom home page,  a blog page and a custom footer section that can be easily customized.

If you are someone who writes about culinary arts, this is the best theme that you can get in the market at the moment. With little to no customizing, you can launch your own recipe store and promote your latest recipe books without breaking a sweat.


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Leto is a minimal WordPress e-commerce theme which comes with a lot of features such as a custom home page, custom blog page, full WooCommerce integration, custom e-commerce navigation menu and many other features that you can easily turn off or on.

The demo is configured for fashion e-commerce website, but you can also use it for any other industry if you want.

Although you can sell your own books and treat it as a single author WordPress website, it is recommended to use this theme on a book store instead.


Chaptorone  - Bookstore WordPress Themes

ChapterOne As the name suggests is a book store WordPress theme. What makes this theme special is the fact that it is specifically designed for Book Stores and e-commerce stores that sell books.

Unlike others in this article, this theme is not a multi-purpose theme or a theme that can be modified into looking like a book store, but it is a theme that’s designed keeping Book Stores in  mind.

So you get all the features that you need in a book store + you don’t have to deal with all the bloat features that you would have to remove manually another themes.

This theme is the only theme in this list that can be used right of the box for a Bookstore e-commerce website.

Blog For Writers & Journalists

Blog for writers

Blog for Writers and Journalists book store WordPress theme is made for journalists and writers. It is fair to say that you can treat it as a Portfolio WordPress website theme for writers and authors as it comes with all the features that you’ll find on a typical portfolio website.

You get a custom home page where you can list your latest articles from the block, an about section, your latest bestsellers, a blog section with the latest blog articles and a photo gallery.

This gives a premium look and feel and doesn’t have that mini visual elements to overwhelm the visitor. This makes this theme a perfect choice for people who just want to share their work with the world.



Auteur is a book store WordPress theme with multiple layouts and theme Demos to choose from. You get to choose from over 40 ready to import demos that can be easily customized to give a unique look to the website.

It’s totally up to you what you use this theme for. The demo page shows a range of different use cases that this theme is suitable for. From review book to product launch and  fully-fledged book store, Auteur can take care of everything.

It’s a minimal theme which gives a very soothing effect to the readers and if you want to share blog post and latest news about your publishing you can also do that with the help of the blog page which can be customized easily. If you don’t want to customize the blog page you can also import more than 10 blog layouts with just a single button click.



Booklovers Is a minimal book store e-commerce WordPress theme which sports custom homepages where you can share your latest products, list new sellers, coming soon books, bestsellers and award winners, display category blocks, list your latest articles and even have an author section.

This theme is a fully fledged e-commerce theme. So, you should not use it for a personal blog.

With minor customization you can also use the same for any other e-commerce industry.

Booklovers is one of the few e-commerce WordPress themes that are built for Book Stores and booksellers.



Iniya is a beauty and cosmetic e-commerce WordPress theme which can be used to sell fashion related books and magazines.

That’s one of the reasons why this theme is listed in this article.

Most fashion WordPress themes can easily be used for books and magazine stores as well.

It comes back with a custom homepage with slider, product categories, new arrivals, the latest blog articles and in info bar with store policies.

That said, you can also add as many visual elements to the homepage as you want.

Iniya is a wonderful e-commerce theme and can be a solid book store WordPress theme if you have a few minutes to customize this theme using the theme builder.


Printpress  - Bookstore WordPress Themes

Printpress is a fully fledged book store theme with minimal design that gives a premium feel to it. You can either use this theme as a single author store or launch your own fully-fledged book store with just a single click.

Like all other themes listed in this article, Printpress also comes with a custom home page which can be tweaked to give a unique look that matches your brand design.


Kalium - Bookstore WordPress Themes

Kalium is a multipurpose WordPress theme that comes packed with a bookstore theme demo which you can import with one click. There are no single-authored bookstore demos available which means that you can if only use this theme to sell books from multiple authors and categories.

The best part of using this theme is the fact that it comes with a ton of visual elements and customizing potential. So, if you have some time to customize this theme, you can truly give it the unique look and feel that you desire.

Not to mention that since it is a multipurpose WordPress theme, you can easily use it as a blog theme as well.

Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum - Bookstore WordPress Themes

Lorem Ipsum is a colorful bookstore theme which can help you in launching a funky bookstore online. It comes with all the features such as a shop page, a custom homepage, multiple home page layouts to choose from, social media icons’ integration, different visual elements to choose from and advanced e-commerce filtering options.

While most of the things listed in the article are somewhat minimal,Lorem Ipsum is the theme that’s full of character and color.

If you want to target the young readers, this might be the best option in this article.



Konte is a premium fashion WordPress theme which can be tricked into to a fully-fledged bookstore WordPress theme as well. The fact that it comes with a powerful theme customizer and the theme panel makes it easy for anyone to customize this theme without touching a piece of.

It comes with multiple home pages, 7 different product styles page, more than 10 add a styles and footer styles to choose from.

It’s a minimal WordPress theme that packs so many features that you can customize this theme into working with any particular industry. This makes Konte a very powerful theme in this blog post that you can use on any type of website including a book store.



Scientia is a library WordPress theme that’s suitable for Universities and colleges or libraries. Although it is a library WordPress theme, you can easily use it as an author theme for a mini book store theme with minor customization.

You get to choose from three home Demos with the different hairstyles and elements on the home page.

With this theme you can also make use of the events calendar feature with which you can organize events, accept donations, offer services and create as many custom pages as you want.



With multiple home page layouts, Aurum is a very powerful theme to invest your money into. Although there is no demo for a single authored Bookstore, you can use the book store demo to launch a fully fledged online bookshop with just one click.

You get to choose from multiple shop layouts and even the customer’s account page is customized to suit the design language of the same.

You get to use different shortcodes to insert great looking visual elements to any page for a post that you like. This makes Aurum a very powerful and flexible WordPress theme to work with.



Nels is a multipurpose WordPress e-commerce theme that’s predominantly used for fashion websites. But, with minor customization and tweaking, you can use this theme for any niche you want.

In this case, you can easily use this theme to launch your own bookstore without any customization. The light color scheme and multiple homepage layouts make it the perfect option for any e-commerce industry.

Once importing the demo, just replace theme images with yours, and you are done. 



With more than 18 homepage demos, you just can’t go wrong with Mella WordPress theme. Although most of the theme demos point towards the fashion industry, you can use the same visual elements to compliment your bookstore sections as well.

With custom homepages, header styles, contact forms, blog layouts and more than 100s of custom elements, you can design a powerful bookstore with this theme.



Kossy is a fashion WordPress theme that I have used on many online libraries and bookstores.

It comes packed with more than 10 theme demos that you can easily import. But, if you don’t want to import theme demos and build a unique layout on your own, you can do that without any problem.

Even the shop pages come with different layout options that you can choose right from the theme dashboard.

Check Kossy out and see if it’s a good fit for your next bookstore web design project.

Conclusion: Best Bookstore WordPress Themes

I have listed a lot of multipurpose e-commerce themes in this article as most of those themes can also be converted into bookstore WordPress themes.

Do you have any other recommendations? If so, please drop them in the comment section below.

Which theme did you like the most and what type of customization will to do to make the same theme stand out in the crowd? Drop your comments in the comments section below.