25+ Best WordPress Hotel Themes

The hotel and restaurant business is one of the most reliable businesses to run in the world. No matter what time, no matter what occasion, hotels are always booked. 

But, to launch a hotel business online, you need a powerful hotel template to make your website look professional.

In this list article, I am going to share with you some of the most sought-after WordPress hotel themes that you can download and get started with building your next big hotel project online right away.

All of these themes are manually reviewed before listing in this list. On top of that, I keep updating this list every now and then. So that all the list items stay updated and if any of them have added any new features to their list, those features are also included in the updates.

So without wasting any more time,  let’s get right into it.



Gast theme is one of the best WordPress themes when it comes to the hotel and restaurant industry. You get almost all the features that you can expect from a multipurpose WordPress theme. 

Some of the most notable features include timely support and an impressive response time by customer support, drag and drop page builder, a powerful theme options panel, various video tutorials, setup guides, demo content installer, and theme demo specifically designed for different niches. 

Gast is also compatible with almost any page builder and WordPress plugins. Right out of the box, they include Slider Revolution, cube portfolio, premium accounts, etc. plugins for free.

At the time of writing this article, they have sold more than 230 units on Themeforest.net and they’ve been getting 5-star ratings from certified buyers.

If you’re looking for a readymade theme that comes with a lot of options and a readymade template specifically designed for different hotel niches, Gast is the best option out there.

Astra Pro


The next on my list is Astra Pro.

Almost any WordPress theme listing is incomplete without an Astra theme. 

The main reason behind it is the fact that Astra Pro comes with a library of website templates that you can easily import and launch your website within a few seconds.

Bundle that with the amazing speed and performance that this theme offers, you just can’t go wrong with the Astra Pro theme.

Astra Pro is also one of the most top-rated WordPress themes that are available in the market today. On top of being a customer favorite, Astra Pro is also recommended by all top bloggers that blog about bogging.

some of the features that Astra comes packed with includes a library of Pre-built website templates that you can use to build almost any type of WordPress website, its customization menu makes it easy for you to transform the entire look of the website without even touching a piece of code, it is compatible with almost all major page Builders and if you switch from a premium theme to Astra, you will note a significant increase in performance and conversion rate.

Yes, you do need to customize Astra Pro a lot and it doesn’t come with a lot of features that you might find in many other premium WordPress Hotel themes but if you want to work with a theme that’s not going to impact the page load times and the performance of your website while giving the same look and feel that any premium theme comes packed with,  Astra Pro is a promising option.

Hotel Zante


Hotel zante is a premium WordPress theme that comes with a lot of features. 

Honestly, it blows all the other themes listed in this list out of the water if you talk about features.

If you look at the design, it is a very simple and minimal look that will not distract people and help them in booking a room or getting more details about you are Hotel without any problem. 

I don’t like websites that are crowded with useless UI elements that nobody would use. So for me, this design and look & feel work the best.

Even the user account and booking pages look amazing and simple which will definitely help your customers in managing their account without getting in touch with customer support.

Since it is a booking theme for hotels, you also need to look into the payment options that come integrated with this particular theme. As of now, the office support for PayPal, 2checkout, pay you India, stripe, and more.

If you don’t want to use the built-in booking system and just want to launch a hotel aggregator you can easily do that by integrating your favorite Hotel sites with simple APIs.

This makes hotels Zante one of the most powerful themes on this list.

With a few minor tweaks, you can easily transform this theme into a directory listing theme for hotels.

Astra Pro – The Mount Inn


The Mountain INN theme demo that Astra Pro comes with is the right choice for people who want to work with Astra but don’t have any experience customizing a WordPress website. You can simply click on the import button and publish this template and start using your website without any customizing.

The theme template comes with a custom home page that you can easily customize, an amenities page, an about us page, a page for pricing and packages, and a booking page where your customers can book rooms and other services related to your hotel.

I am listing this theme twice in this list because you can easily create a hotel website theme without any theme demo templates but there are some people who don’t want to do that. 

For them, this is a lifesaver.

Hotel Booking


Hotel booking is a remarkable WordPress Hotel theme that comes with three major website Demos. 

Unlike other themes, the Demos offered in this theme are completely different from each other. Depending on what type of theme demo that you choose to import, your website will have different functionalities and features.

The City Hotel Demo is specifically built for hotel booking and has a lot of pages that complement such an industry.

The Chalet B & B  demo lets you build a simple yet very elegant hotel portal with a few button clicks.

The Apartments Demo is simply for apartments and rental places.

So, if you are looking for any of these three templates, Hotel Booking can help you a lot.

Some of the features include AJAX sorting, login widget in the front end, calendar range which shows real-time availability, an option to choose from the grid and list layout view, an option to set minimum limits for booking days, direct booking options, services filter, seasonal pack pricing options, order management, and payment system.

With other WordPress themes, you have to set up a lot of things for it to work properly but with the Hotel Booking theme you just need to import your favorite demo and change the text to make it look and ready to go.

I recommend the Hotel Booking Theme to anybody who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a web design agency and just wants to launch a website within a few days.

The Divi Theme


Divi theme is not a new player in this game. 

Be it a simple blog or a powerful hotel business website, Divi Theme can help you build a powerful business website. Since Divi comes with a page builder, you can easily use it to build complex layouts and even integrate payment solutions using various payment plugins that you can find easily in the plugin repository of WordPress.

Since most themes listed in this list are heavy-duty themes that require powerful servers and cloud hosting solutions, Divi is a theme that can be run on even the basic web hosting plans making it a suitable option for startups and small-scale hotel businesses.

Furthermore, you also get to import theme demos which will help you in building the perfect Hotel theme for your startup Hotel website.

Please note that this demo is not feature-packed and doesn’t have that many layout elements but it is a good match for anybody who is looking to just get their website rolling.

Later on, you can either upgrade to a much more powerful theme or Hire a designer to tweak the layout of your website using any page builder.

Either way, if you plan on starting with the Divi theme, you will be glad to know that you won’t need a powerful server to host this theme, and Divi is also built keeping all the security recommendations in mind.



Augustine is a very special WordPress Hotel theme. It comes with many Hotel Demos that you can import. Plus it also gives you the option to use the demo images for free. usually, theme Builders use paid images and videos for their theme demo that you cannot use for free.

But, with Augustine, you get all of these images for free.

You get to choose from 6 different Demos including and dark version depending on the type of Hotel website you are building. 

Plus it also comes with a lot of booking features such as reservation forms, newsletter popup boxes, amenities box, availability calendar, and more.

The minimal and simple layout convinces me that it follows the latest design trends and standards. 

You don’t get a crowded design that will confuse a visitor with all the fancy layout options.  instead, on the demo page, you only see what absolutely necessary for the business.

Especially, when most of the visitors today visit hotel booking websites using their mobile phones, it is vital to design a website that uses only the most important layout elements without wasting any screen real-estate.

The Augustine theme does exactly that.

Even after importing your favorite website template, you also get to use a set of ready-made pages to design as many pages as you want.

It is also compatible with all major page builders and you can easily use almost any major WordPress plugin without any plugin and theme conflict issues.

If you want to learn more about the features and various other options that the Augustine theme comes packed with, please visit the product page by clicking the button below.

Hotel Romantica


Hotel Romantica is a freemium WordPress theme which means that you get to use the free version without spending money and if you want to upgrade you’ll have to pay a premium price. Hotel Romantica doesn’t come with website demos instead you’ll have to use the only design options that they offer a right of the box.

If I want to customize the look and feel, you might have to use a page builder to do that.

The readily available design offers a customizable header navigation menu with business details, social media icons, and a navigation CTA Button.

It does come with a booking option and you can also place a widget in the banner section of the website through which the visitors can check the availability of the room and other services. The online booking system is pretty straightforward and simple. All you gotta do is select your check-in and check-out day and it will show you the price for that particular selection.

If you are Looking for a really simple theme that doesn’t have a lot of features to overwhelm your server, Hotel Romantica is a decent option to go with.

Especially, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your WordPress theme, you can give Hotel Romantica a test drive by installing the free version and later on upgrade to the premium version.

Hotel WP Theme


Hotel WP Theme comes packed with 5 different theme templates and it offers a smooth and seamless experience for the users by only showcasing the vital features on the home page of the website.

When you visit the website you right we get to see the home page with all the information related to that particular hotel. A user wants to see all the available rooms and packages by clicking on the room option in the navigation menu. Of course, this navigation menu is also customizable.

With this object, use the advanced booking system where you can configure almost anything you want. This advanced booking system alone is worth every penny you spend on thistheme.

Some of the features include multiple booking modes, advance booking settings, advanced room settings, multiple payment integrations, seasonal packages, and pricing, email notification add multilingual & translation support.

It’s a GDPR complaint theme that you can easily use to build a powerful Hotel website without even touching a piece of code.

BA Hotel


The BA Hotel is a simple yet powerful WordPress theme that comes with a free and premium option. 

The free option lets you access 75% of the features that you get in the premium option. The BA Hotel does not offer any templates but the default template that you get with this theme can be easily customized for any type of Hotel.

Some of the features include custom home page design, animated counters, blog section, CTA actions with phone numbers and other business details, a testimonial section, and many more.

For a free theme, The BA Hotel really comes back with a lot. Not to mention, once you outgrow the free version you can easily upgrade to the premium version by purchasing a premium license from the theme seller.

Click on the button to download the theme and start using it on your hotel website.

Those were the Top 10 Best WordPress Hotel themes
Now that you have a list of the top 10 best WordPress hotel themes, let’s explore a few more themes.

In case, if you don’t find these 10 themes suitable for your business, I am sure, you will find at least a couple of themes in the following list.

Let’s start!



Alloggio theme has been around since May of 2020. Since its inception, it has acquired a lot of positive ratings and customer reviews.

It comes with 6 demo homepages and the page builder helps you in building complex layouts without any problems.

Some of the notable features include reservation forms, extra services boxes, seasonal pricing sections, amenities sections, advanced calendars, weather widget, Google maps integration, user accounts, user dashboard, monetization options and more.

Hotel WP Lite


Hotel WP Lite is a free hotel WordPress theme by Ceylon Themes. Once you outgrow this free version, you can easily upgrade to the premium version without any problem.

Just like most freemium options, you don’t have multiple website demos to choose. Instead you have to work with the default theme design.

Some notable features include:

  • Pricing tables
  • Blog sections
  • Team members section
  • Customer ratings
  • Google Maps integration

Click on the button below to see this theme in action.

Hotel Booking WordPress

14 webp

10 website demos, hotel booking management system, multilingual support, 86+ payment gateway integration are some of the many features that you get with Hotel Booking WordPress theme.

Theme uses Elementor page builder which makes customizing and creating custom pages a breeze.

On top of the website demos, you also get to access hundreds of individual page templates in the Elementor site library.

Hotel Center Lite

15 webp

Built by Grace themes, Hotel Center Lite offers a free and premium version. The free version comes with some basic customization options and booking system. So, if you are running a small restaurant, the free version should suffice.

But, if you want the full experience, you may want to upgrade to a premium version.

Some notable features include E-Commerce integration, theme customizer settings, multiple gallery layouts, and more.


16 webp

With 15+ homepage designs, California theme blows others out of the water easily. No matter what type of holiday or hotel business you run, I am pretty sure that you will find at least 1 website template suitable for your business.

Some of the notable features include child theme ready, custom page builder, booking system, translation ready, WooCommerce ready, and more.

Hotel Paradise

17 webp

Hotel Paradise is a wonderful free theme that comes with a premium package that you can easily upgrade to if needed. This theme has a pretty simple layout and you can use this theme for a basic hotel business website. 

I wouldn’t recommend using this theme for premium hotel websites as it lacks some features such as advanced booking system and custom hotel search with filters.

The homepage includes a banner area with slider,  an info section,  available rooms, Click To Action section, latest blog articles, customer testimonials, team members section, business stats and more.

In my honest opinion, you should treat this theme as your starter theme and later on upgrade to a much more premium theme with many more features.

Soho Hotel

18 webp

Soho Hotel is a premium WordPress theme available on theme forest.com that comes back with 6 major website Demos. all the website demo sport relief premium payment minimal web design trend.

This tells me that  Soho Hotel is more suitable for high-end level hotels and restaurant chains.

That said,  if you want to use it on your website you can easily do that without any customization as most Hotel websites today use a similar design language to build their websites.

Some of its notable features include per room pricing, per person pricing, advance pricing options,  seasonal pricing, occupancy limits, booking restrictions, advanced booking management system, iCall Syncing, custom fields support, multi-hotel support, and more.

Best Hotel

19 webp

Best Hotel is a simple and lightweight freemium WordPress theme with minimal features and options. So, naturally, you should only use it on your small scale projects and budget-friendly servers.

The booking system is also pretty simple and might need some customizing before making it available for the general public.

But, for a free theme, you are getting a simple booking system, a custom homepage, blog section, availability checker widget and a responsive navigation menu.

Hotel Master

20 webp

Launched back in 2015, Hotel Master has been around for a very long time. Since its inception, it has powered thousands of websites globally making it one of the most popular Hotel WordPress themes out there.

Since it is a premium theme, you can expect all the fancy features and a complimentary six months of free technical support from the developer.

Some of the key features include Elementor support, iCall sync, restricting access to certain rooms on certain occasions, special discounts for consecutive night booking, a custom transaction page that you can customize from the backend, custom additional services, summary reports, and check-in time options.

Hotel Vivanta

21 webp

Hotel Vivanta is a free theme that could give premium themes run for their money. Looking at the demo, I can easily tell that this theme has been built keeping hotel businesses in mind. 

The design looks beautiful and pleasant to look at.

There are smooth transitions, multi-column sections, fancy CTA sections, luxurious-looking gallery, room availability section, services section, a custom blog section, and more.

I am not sure if any other free theme in this list offers such a beautiful design.

Not to mention it also comes with a fully functional hotel booking system. You can easily book hotel rooms by just clicking on the type of room you want and it will take you to the booking page right away.

If you’re looking for a simple yet powerful WordPress theme that comes with a free option that also has all the premium bells and whistles, Hotel Vivanta is the theme your looking for.


22 webp

With over 3000+ sales and 4.63/5 rating, Sailing is a strong contender in this list.

The design looks premium and elegant.

On the homepage, you get a custom homepage slider with vertical slider navigation buttons, availability checking widget, info sections, room widget slider where you can showcase various booking options for your customers, contact forms, and a blog section with a few latest blog articles.

Some of its features include parallax effects, drag & drop builder, unlimited colors and skins, RTL support and more.

Hotel Sydney

23 webp

Hotel Sydney is a child theme for Hotel Galaxy. Sydney comes with a different set of styles and configurations to give a completely different look and feel from its parent theme, Hotel Galaxy.

Features include advanced booking system, custom homepage design with sliders, room sliders and more, contact forms and CTA sections.


24 webp

Marima is a premium WordPress theme that comes with multiple demo templates for hotel businesses.

If you run a spa and want to use a theme that gives out that minimal look and feel, Marima is a solid option to explore.

Some of its features include the following:

  • Custom room book system with all the bells & whistles.
  • Room tour with details such as the area, price, and the category.
  • Pricing tables with multiple designs.
  • Blog section with the latest news or blog posts.
  • Advanced hotel search system

This theme is suitable for beach resorts, ayurvedic spas and dream vacations resorts.

Hotel Galaxy

25 webp

Hotel Galaxy offers a lot of features for a free theme. Some of these features include:

  • Custom header with drop-down navigation menu and search, social media icons, and company details.
  • Banner area with CTA button.
  • Horizontal booking widget.
  • You can list featured rooms on the homepage of the site.
  • Display all the available rooms in both grid and list views.
  • A dedicated Room page with all the details and pricing.

For a free theme, Hotel Galaxy has a lot to offer. Click on the button below to see the live preview in action.

Hotel Leisure

26 webp

Leisure Hotel lets you choose from a light and dark version of the theme. Both of these variants sport identical features. But, if you are in a luxury industry or have a starred hotel, choosing the dark version will add the premium feel the light version lacks.

Some notable features include:

  • Mega-menu navigation menus.
  • Weather widgets.
  • Sliders and banner areas.
  • Horizontal booking widget.
  • custom footer section with widgets, social media icons and business information.

The best part is that you can also use this theme for premium businesses such as Golf Courses, Tennis courts, Stadiums and Movie theatres.

It will work well with any such niche with a few minor customization.

WordPress Hotel Themes: Which one did you like the most?

So that was the list of most reliable and sought-after WordPress Hotel themes. Which theme did you like the most? Do you think that free themes are more than enough to run a hotel website online or do you think that premium themes come with a lot of features that you definitely need to run a hotel business online?

To conclude, I would recommend you to start with a free theme if you don’t have the budget to purchase a high-end premium theme and later on upgrade to a premium version of that same theme if needed.

But, if you have the budget to spend on a free theme, download any of the premium themes mentioned in this article and start building your website within a few minutes. 

 Drop your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.