50+ Best Portfolio WordPress Themes

Gone are the days in which you will show a folder with all your achievements and skills to your prospective employers.

Now, you need to get a portfolio website that not only looks good but also has all the bells & whistles to visual present your data.

And, the best way to achieve this without spending a lot of money is by making use of Portfolio WordPress Themes.

In this article, I am going to share with you some of the most promising portfolio WordPress themes that you can use to start your portfolio website and increase your chances of getting hired in any creative field.

Without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

Fortun Creative Portfolio Theme

01 Fortun min

Fortum Creative Portfolio theme is a fully-loaded portfolio theme that can be used to build a number of different portfolio websites.

The fact that it’s build specifically for portfolio website makes it an ideal choice for those purists who don’t like using a bloated theme or are on a limited server budget.

Features such as a custom page builder that can be used to build custom pages, custom typography and the ability to import Google and Typekit Fonts without any problems and more than 700 animated SVG icons makes this theme one of the most powerful themes in this segment.

Authority Pro Theme

02 Autority Pro min

Powered by Genesis Framework, Authority Pro is one of the most secure and lightweight portfolio WordPress themes that you can use to build a fast and simple portfolio website.

Although most of the websites that use Authority Pro theme as blogs and publications, you can easily tweak this theme and use it as a portfolio theme.

The reason as to why it’s listed in the top is the fact that it gives you unlimited updates, security patches and theme upgrades.

Genesis Framework is known to be the most SEO friendly and secure theme framework out there which automatically makes this theme a lot more desirable than many others in this list.

Okab Multipurpose Portfolio Theme

03 Okab min

Okab is your typical multipurpose theme with some portfolio elements packed in it. To be honest, most themes can easily be used to create a portfolio theme but Okab comes loaded with multiple theme demos that can be easily imported with just a few clicks.

Main slider, portfolio pages, case studies, RTL support and fast performance are the unique selling points of this theme.

When you import the portfolio theme demo, you also have the option to add a blog page to your website where you can share your experience working with different brands from the past.

This will give your future employers a good idea of your work experience and corporate characteristics.

Coaching Plus Theme

04 Coaching Plus Theme min

After reading the title, you must be wondering why I have listed a coaching theme in this article.

Well, contrary to what you might think, Coaching plus can be easily used as a portfolio theme.

With any WordPress portfolio plugins, you can launch a portfolio page and convert this theme into a fully-fledged portfolio theme.

Coaching plus is also powered by Genesis Framework.

Although this theme doesn’t come packed with a custom page builder, you can use the Gutenberg editor or any other page builder to customize this theme. If you are not going to heavily customize your website, you’d be glad to learn that Coaching plus comes packed with a basic theme customizer that you can use to change the look and feel of your theme.

Fildisi Portfolio Theme

05 Fildisi min

Fildisi is a minimal multipurpose WordPress theme that’s most suitable for a minimal portfolio website.

You can import the portfolio demo and start customizing the theme as per your liking. 

In case, if you want to sell your merchandise or offer digital services, you can do that via WooCommerce plugin.

Fildisi comes with RTL support in case if you want to make use of that.

As of now, they have received countless 5 stars on Themeforest.net.

For a theme that was launched three years ago, Fildisi is a solid option to look for.

Mai Reach Theme

06 Mai Reach Theme min

Mai themes are the ones that revolutionized Genesis child themes. They gave the user some advanced options such as controlling the layout of archives and single posts, changing the width of the main container, hiding or showing the post info and meta info and more.

Mai Reach theme is not different.

While keeping all the good stuff that Genesis offers, Mai Reach offers you options to make your website look professional and unique with the help of its many options.

The only downside to this is the fact that you’ll have to pay somewhere around $130 to get this theme as they also charge you for Genesis Framework.

NowaDays Multipurpose Theme

07 NowaDays min

Technically, Nowadays is an agency multipurpose theme that can be easily used for a portfolio website without any customization or style tweaking.

Both agency websites and portfolios share a lot of common attributes. Features such as a custom homepage, skill page, project portfolio, blog and a custom contact us page are the common pages in these two types of websites.

So, Nowadays, can easily be used for portfolio.

The top reason for its recommendation is beautiful layout. Styles and various design elements such as animation, scrolling effects and theme panel from you can easily tweak all these settings as you wish.

Aspire Pro Theme

08 Aspire Pro min

Although there are countless agency and portfolio themes on Studiopress.com, Aspire Pro is the most desirable Portfolio theme.

Right off the bat, you can tell by looking at this theme that it’s a portfolio theme for a single author.

No, it doesn’t come with fancy animations and other design elements, but it comes with all the features that you’d need in a typical portfolio website.

On top of that, you can also treat this theme as a blog theme if you want.

Pheromone Creative Portfolio Theme

09 Pheromone min

Pheromone is a portfolio theme in all its aspects. It doesn’t try to be a jack of all trades and doesn’t have all the features that you’ll find in a multipurpose theme.

That’s exactly what makes this theme so desirable.

Without any bloat or unnecessary codes, you get to have features and functionality that your website needs.

Being a portfolio theme, you can expect all the bells & whistles in this theme.

Not to mention, you can also use this on any agency website without any tweaking.

Defender Portfolio Theme For Attorneys

10 Defender min

Defender is not just an ordinary portfolio theme. It is a portfolio theme build for attorneys which makes it a very special theme.

In most portfolio themes, you will have to do some level of customization to make it look professional and up to the mark, but Defender is also tweaked to work with Law firm websites and portfolios.

So, if you are looking to start your portfolio, Defender is a strong contender and when it comes to portfolios for attorneys, nothing can beat it.

The Forester Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Forester is a minimal WordPress portfolio theme with hundreds of ready-to-import theme demos and templates. On top of that, you can also create your own theme demos and give your portfolio a unique look.

Furthermore, if you want to give your website a completely different look to that what comes built with this theme, you can do that by simply installing a range of page builders.

For a creative portfolio theme, The Forester comes with every feature that you’d see in any other theme listed here.

You’d be glad to learn that The Forester theme is also one of the more affordable options out there.

Online Portfolio

11 Online Portfolio min

Online portfolio is a bare minimum WordPress portfolio theme that you can use to build a quick portfolio website that doesn’t take too much server space and resources.

This portfolio theme can be the best choice for people who are limited on the budget but still want a reliable WordPress theme to help them build their dream portfolio website.

Draven Creative Theme

12 Draven Creative Theme min

Draven is a multipurpose creative WordPress portfolio theme. Although it is a multipurpose theme, you should only use it on agency and portfolio websites as it packs all the features that compliments a portfolio website.

Beautiful animations, vertical typography, hero sections and ready-to-import demos make this one of the most promising multipurpose creative themes in this list.

Skyflypro Portfolio Theme

13 Skyflypro min

Skyflypro is another minimal portfolio theme that’s compatible with Elementor page builder and can help you build a beautiful and minimal portfolio website without spending a lot of time on customizing and tweaking.

It doesn’t come with any theme imports, and you will have to work with what you get in this theme out of the box.

So, if you want to customize this theme, you will have to make use of an external page builder.

Emily Nolan Creative Portfolio Theme

16 HighClass min

Emily Nolan is a creative portfolio theme for photographers and videographers. So, it comes with great visual elements such as full-screen homepage slider, an AJAX portfolio page, a minimal blog page and more.

This theme is perfect for photographers who love this type of minimal web design trend.

Videographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

14 Videographer min

Videographer is a portfolio theme for content creators and videographers. That said, you can use this theme as a photography portfolio site as well.

Since it is a portfolio theme that’s targeted towards videographers, it really doesn’t have that many fancy features that you’d find in a multipurpose WordPress theme.

Videogrpaher is completely compatible with Elementor, Jet plugins and many other page builders.

Avante Business Portfolio Theme

15 Avante min

Avante is a feature packed WordPress portfolio theme that most suited for corporate people who are looking to secure a job in the corporate world. If you are an agency that works with businesses, this theme is for you.

You can use Elementor page builder to customize the look and feel of your website and truly impress your future employers or clients without breaking a sweat.

Since, both the theme and the page builder receive regular updates and upgrades, you will have no problem in maintaining and keeping your website updated at all times.

HighClass Portfolio Theme

HighClass is a WPML ready portfolio theme for designers, coders and photographers. So, it has a creative touch to it.

It is also compatible with almost all the page builders out there. The fact that it’s build for portfolio website makes it a suitable option if you are looking for a theme that’

It is also compatible with almost all the page builders out there. The fact that it’s build for portfolio website makes it a suitable option if you are looking for a theme that’s built for the same purpose.

s built for the same purpose.

Tourog Creative Portfolio Theme

17 Tourog min

It is a relatively new one in this list. While other themes have been around for a while now, Tourog was launched in 2019. But, don’t let that fool you, it comes with all the bells & whistles that you’d expect from a typical portfolio theme.

With its full screen homepage and well-structured portfolio pages, you can attract and turn potential customers into paying customers easily.

Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

20 Photographer min

Photographer is another bare-minimum WordPress theme with a custom homepage, portfolio page and a contact page. You can easily insert a blog page and publish a few blog posts sharing your expertise with the world.

Bare-minimum translates to high-performance and low impact on the server which can help you save a lot of cash in the web hosting department.

Chap Modern AMP Portfolio Theme

19 Chap min

Chap is a modern theme that’s compatible with Google AMP project and can help you outrank your competitors using fast performing web pages.

Chap is also powered by Semantic UI framework which is one of the most popular prototyping front-end frameworks out there.

Photographer Portfolio Theme

portfolio WordPress themes

Photographer portfolio is a portfolio theme for photographers and creative professionals. If you want to launch a simple portfolio website with no fancy animations or visual elements, Photographer theme can come in handy.

It gives you an option to set up a custom homepage, professional portfolio pages, blog page and a contact us page.

It is also very compatible with modern page builders such as WPBakery, Elementor and Oxygen Builder.

Pinhole Photography Portfolio Theme

21 Pinhole min

Pinhole is a minimal photography portfolio theme with various advanced design elements to play around.

Pinhole gives you an option to select between a dark or light background for your online portfolios. These days, coders and developers prefer to use dark theme for their portfolios as it puts less strain on the eye when visiting the website at night.

So, to have such an option does give this theme an edge over the others in this list.

Ida – Photography WordPress Theme

22 Ida min

IDA is a portfolio theme fore models and talent management companies. If you are someone who’s looking to break it in the glamour world or want to start their career as a model but don’t have too much money to spend on hiring web designers and developers, IDA is the theme you are looking for.

When you look at this theme, you’ll feel a sense of premium elegance.

It has a custom homepage with hero section, awards section, portfolio and more.

Click on the demo button to check it out in action.

Billey Creative Portfolio Theme

23 Billey min

Billey is a bold and colorful portfolio theme with features such as parallax scrolling, full-screen hero section, mega navigation menus, animations, an elegant looking header and footer, skill bar, portfolio items and more.

Obviously, it is supposed to have all the bells & whistles considering the fact that it’s a premium theme.

Not just that, you can actually choose your desired version of the theme and install it onto your website with just a single click.

If you are a creative professional who likes to add some color and bling to their portfolio sites, Billey is for you.

Art Gallery

24 Art Gallery min

Art Gallery sports a full-screen homepage slider, balanced design language, parallax sections with video backgrounds, portfolios, blog section and a contact us page.

It’s a portfolio theme build for photographers to showcase their work. So, it doesn’t contain that many features as compared to a multipurpose theme.

Helion Portfolio Theme

25 Helion min

You can use Helion to build powerful portfolios, CV websites and even personal blogs.

It’s a versatile portfolio powerhouse that can be used to build portfolios in the following industries without any major customization:

  • Design agency
  • Photographers
  • Musicians
  • Videographers
  • 3D Artists
  • Graphic Designers
  • Architects
  • Graphic designers
  • Copywriters

Furthermore, you can slightly tweak this website and use it as a portfolio theme for almost any niche out there.

Endless possibilities.

Julie Bernerro

26 Julie Bernerro min

Don’t want a super-powerful, resource draining portfolio theme? Julie Bernerro is the theme you are looking.

With only a limited amount of features, JB helps you in scoring well in performance tests and attract as many organic visitors from Google as possible.

Cassio AJAX Portfolio Theme

27 Cassio min

Cassio is one of the most elegant portfolio themes in this article. This comes as a double-edged sword as you can use such a theme on all the niches.

That said, if you are a jeweler, or work in any such niche, you can make use of the elegant and premium looking design language, scrollable web page and fancy navigation menu makes it one of the most promising portfolio WordPress themes.

Page of Fashion

28 Page of fashion min

Page of Fashion has a different design language when compared with others in this article.

Most suitable for mobile viewing and almost any niche, Page of Fashion is designed keeping photographers and fashion designers in mind.

It comes with all the regular features such as portfolio pages, skill bar, work timeline, blog page option and a contact us page.

Lester Creative Portfolio Theme

29 Lester min

Lester is a creative portfolio theme for web designers, coders and developers. It comes with a custom homepage, a library with modern templates that you can import easily, a portfolio section, blog page options and various design elements.

It comes packed with so many features that you can design portfolio websites for almost any niche or trade.

Buildice Architecture Portfolio Theme

30 Buildice min

Buildice is a portfolio theme for Architects. With Elementor and Jet Plugins bundle, you can create some spectacular portfolio websites without coding or editing the theme files.

With all the portfolio features, you can also use this theme to build blogs and even membership websites without any problem.

Joker – Video and Photo Portfolio Theme

31 Joker min

Joker is a powerful WordPress theme made for photographers and photography businesses.

It has a full-screen homepage with nothing else present. You can access various other pages and sections of the website by the off-canvas sidebar navigation menu.

USP of this theme is the fact that you can also install WooCommerce and start your own merchandise website with a few clicks.

Arteon Multipurpose WordPress Theme

32 Arteon min

Arteon is not technically a portfolio theme. It is a multipurpose theme that can be used to create any type of website.

It comes with a site design library which packs designs for all major niche including portfolios.

You can just import the portfolio template and custom the front-end as per your requirements.

It will give your portfolio a premium look and feel that you can use to attract as many prospects as possible.

Digrand Portfolio Theme

33 Digbrand min 1

Digrand is a portfolio and blog template that’s suitable to be used in any given niche. You can set the homepage to be a full-screen homepage, set up portfolio pages, have an option to choose from multiple blog layouts, sliders and video backgrounds.

Digrand is perfect for technology blogs and any type of portfolio websites out there.

Check out this in action by clicking the demo button below.

Rhye Portfolio Theme

34 Rhy min 1

Rhye is an AJAX portfolio theme available on themeforest.net. The theme is completely powered by AJAX which means that your browser tabs will not refresh to load new content. Whenever someone clicks on a particular menu item or a link, the page is loaded without any browser refresh.

On top of that, it also comes packed with a list of other features such as full-screen homepage, portfolio options, services pages and a blog page.

This theme is truly a beautiful one.

Conclusion: Best Portfolio WordPress Themes

In this article, I shared a list of top portfolio WordPress themes that I would use on my projects. All of these themes include premium features that can add the missing flare to your otherwise boring portfolio website.

Furthermore, all these themes are supported by their respective development teams. So, you don’t have to worry about future updates and upgrades.

So, go ahead and pick your desired theme from this list and launch your own portfolio website without touching a piece of code.

Have any doubts related to this article?

Drop them in the comment section below. You can also drop your suggestions in the comment section below.

What marketplaces do you pick these themes from?

I try my best to include as many marketplaces but there are only a few marketplace with good track record. To name a few, Themeforest.net and Studiopress are my favorite marketplace as they have always delivered on the promise and the customer service is also remarkable.

What about updates and theme upgrades?

With each premium theme, you get at least one year of customer support + theme updates and upgrades. Your theme is going to be fine for at least one year.

If you purchase themes from Themeforest or Studiopress, you get lifetime updates and support, in case of Studiopress.

What type of servers should I get?

You should get a powerful shared hosting or a basic VPS to host these themes as they require powerful plugins and theme builders to work properly.