50+ Best Marketing Blogs To Become a Marketing Expert

Marketing blogs are the best websites to get some real marketing content. Be it SEO or conversion rate optimization, you’ll find at least a couple of tutorials floating on the web that you can read for free.

But, the challenge is to find the right and reliable marketing blogs to learn or experiment new marketing strategies.

In this article, I am going to share with you some of my favorite marketing blogs to get started with digital marketing, SEO, PPC and content marketing.

Bookmark a few of these and spend at least a few hours every day reading the latest from the same.

Let’s dig in.

Search Engine Land

01 Search Engine Land min

SEL is one of the best marketing blogs to stay updated with latest search engines related news. Be it latest news related to major search engine algorithm updates or laws & government interference with the way these search engine work, Search Engine Land is where I get all the credible news stories and updates.

Although search engine news and updates are the primary reason as to why I visit this blog, you can also learn a lot about search engines and paid advertising & PPC here. They regularly publish some of the most notable content around search engine optimization.

So, you just can’t wrong with them.

Most of their blog posts are related to SEO, PPC, e-commerce marketing, news articles and more.

Social Media Examiner

02 Social Media Examiner min

A “no nonsense social media marketing tutor” is what I call Social Media Examiner. If you are already pretty familiar with marketing terms and technical details and want to explore the vast world of social media marketing, SME is the best portal start your learning journey.

They publish a lot of content on a regular basis.

The best part:- All of their content are long-form content packed with golden nuggets that you should not ignore.

Although there’s no said limit to their list of topics, you can expect social media related tutorials, news updates and list articles. Their update frequency is once per day and occasionally, they also publish multiple pieces in a single day.

If you want to take your social media game to the next level, go check out Social Media Examiner.


07 Moz Blog min

Run by Brian Dean, Backlinko is one of the most sought after SEO blogs out there. Techniques such as Skyscraper and many other content marketing strategies, backlink building techniques were born on this blog.

Brain literally cracked the code when it comes to competing with big brands in the business. Before Brian, people believed that outranking giant corporation website was not possible and newcomers should focus on targeting smaller, less competitive keywords.

So, Backlinko is a big deal in the SEO world.

What I love about Backlinko is that it doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a beginner, you will understand the strategies without having to read the whole blog post again.

Furthermore, Backlinko is probably one of the few blogs that sport an attractive and fast web design without inserting distracting popups, animations, related posts under the content and more.


04 Wistia min

If you want to learn anything from podcasting to content marketing and strategies suitable for B2B businesses, Wisitia is the blog for you. They regularly publish content related to productivity, marketing, SEO and content marketing.

Since Wisitia is a multi-authored business blog, you can expect multiple point-of-views from many industry experts and marketing authors.

Most of their content is mid-range or long-form content.


05 ProBlogger min

ProBlogger is the first professional blog tutorial. This is where some blogging strategies came into existence.

So, anyone aspiring blogger who’s lost their voice in the crowd, ProBlogger will help in getting some motivation and maintaining focus.

Since it is a blogging related blog, most content revolve around the blogging, content marketing and blog optimization sub-niches.

I would strongly recommend new bloggers to visit and read couple of articles published on this blog. It is one of the oldest blogs about blogging and authors there share some very impressive content to help bloggers and content marketers.


06 CXL min

Want to learn how to turn potential customers into paying customers? ConversionXL shares some of the most actionable marketing tactics to help bloggers, affiliate marketers, writers and marketing professionals.

Most of the content published here is medium to long-form. That doesn’t mean that you get thin content. Their blog posts are well-researched pieces with latest information.

In case if you want more advanced stuff, you can sign up for their premium plans and access all the premium course and marketing classes by seasoned marketing professionals.


07 Moz Blog min 1

Moz offers an array of SEO tools that marketing professionals use to build powerful niche and authority websites. On top of that, you can also read free SEO, content marketing and social media marketing related blog posts on their blog section.

While many of the top SEO blogs focus on general topics, Moz takes you to the advanced and deep marketing topics such as optimizing JavaScript, technical SEO, outreaching and more.

You an also read some detailed case-studies to help you understand what other professionals are making in this industry and what type of technique they are using to make sure that they acquire the most ROI on the budget.


08 Ahref min

If you are a marketer or someone who wants to learn marketing, Ahrefs must be one of the many SEO tools that you might have used or are willing to invest some money into. What you might not know is that they also share some of the most noteworthy SEO and marketing related content on their blog section.

Regularly updated with quality marketing content, Ahrefs has been pumping out content to help new bloggers.

They cover link building, blog post optimization and content marketing related tutorials frequently on their blog.

Furthermore, their list articles help you find reliable marketing resources.


09 HubSpot min

HubSpot is a freemium CRM for marketing, business and freelancers. The HubSpot blog shares actionable content for bloggers, WordPress users, SEO and marketing professionals. You could really use this these blog posts to build powerful blogs, businesses and even achieve your e-commerce sales target.

You’ll find blog posts related to customer retention, SEO, blogging, freelancing, sales qualification, social media marketing and more.

Most of the blog posts shared here are suitable for beginners and medium level marketing professionals.


10 Buffer min

Buffer app offers a state-of-the-art social media management and scheduling tool. Their blog sports some of the most sought after social media marketing tutorials and guides.

Although most articles are strictly focused towards social media marketing, you might also find some articles related to SEO, web design and other business topics.

If you are freelancer who manages social media accounts, Buffer’s content will help you in boosting your social media exposure and reach.

Buffer blog also features case studies and most of their articles are medium to long-form content that you can easily read within 5-7 minutes.


11 GetResponse min

GetResponse is a great e-mail marketing tool used by hundreds of thousands of marketers and bloggers.

Their blog feature marketing, email marketing, conversion rate optimization and social media optimization related tutorials. Most tutorials are easy to grasp and can be implemented without having to invest anything other than time.

You can find tutorials and list articles, but there are no in-depth guides or long-form content with multiple sub-topics. So, GetResponse blog is a marketing blog focused towards helping beginners make more money online with their email subscribers and bloggers outrank their competitors using battle-tested marketing tactics.

Marketo By Adobe

12 Marketo min

Marketo is a multi-authored marketing blog that focuses on publishing digital marketing related blog posts. Since it is a multi-authored blog, you’ll see multiple blog posts in a week. You can learn a lot of important marketing strategies and take your marketing game to the next level.

You can find articles related to Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization, Mobile marketing, product marketing and more.

Marketo authors cover all latest marketing trends which makes them a promising blog for beginners looking to make it big in the marketing world or bloggers that want to test some new marketing strategies to get more search visitors to their blog posts.


13 WPBeginner min

WPBeginner is a WordPress blog that shares quality content related to WordPress, Web design, blogging, freelancing, marketing and design.

Most articles are closely related to WordPress but they do have a large archive of marketing tutorials suitable for beginners and medium level marketing professionals. If you are someone who wants to turn their hobby blog into a powerful online venture, I’d recommend WPBeginner.

Most content are not long-form content and can be read within a few minutes. They also publish long-form content every now and then.

Search Engine RoundTable

14 SE RoundTable min

Search Engine RoundTable has been around in the SEO world for a while. They predominantly publish news stories surrounding SEO, Algorithm updates and weekly recaps.

Not just search, they also focus on publishing about tech that can have an impact on the search and search marketing industry.

Some posts may be hard to understand for beginners but if you have been doing SEO for a while, you can get all your SEO related news in this blog.

Cognitive SEO

15 Cognitive SEO min

Cognitive SEO offers various tools such as link building analysis, site SEO audit, SEO Rank Tracker and more. Although these tools are premium, you can still read their text-based content for free.

They publish high-quality blog posts in the blog on a weekly basis. Most content published on Cognitive SEO Blog are long-form content that’ll take you somewhere around 10 minutes to read.

It’s an all-rounder blog that doesn’t have any limits in the SEO niche and there are multiple authors that contribute to this blog on a regular basis.


16 BuzzStream min

Buzzstream offers many marketing tools that you can use to build links, send outreach emails, grow your email lists and get data on your existing campaigns. BuzzStream also churn out quality content on their blogs.

Topics related to PR, Case Studies, Link Building, Outreaching, content promotion and influencer marketing are published on a regular basis. Most of these content are long-form or medium form content. You will be able to complete one article in about 5-7 minutes.

You can also use BuzzStream to find the most trending topics on social media and one-up their content to gain more followers and social shares online.

Hobo Web Blog

17 Hobo Web min

Hobo Web is an SEO agency that full services SEO packages to businesses in the UK. I have been a frequent visitor to this blog for almost 5 years now. Since 2015, the design hasn’t changed even a bit and the content still remains relevant as Shaun updates old content with latest information and data.

Hobo Web sports long-form content in the form of tutorials, in-depth guides and technical SEO tutorials. No matter what your level is, I would strongly recommend Hobo Web’s SEO blog as it shares technical and in-depth SEO guides to help businesses rank better on search.

I believe it to be a single-authored blog, so you will not find that many articles when you compare it with Buffer or SEMRush but all the articles published here are full of high-quality information.


18 Copyblogger min

Copyblogger is where internet’s copywriters, paid authors and bloggers find solutions to challenges that they face as copywriting professionals. From the art of crafting the perfect title to creating engaging content that converts prospects into customers, Copyblogger is a one-stop solution for all things copywriting.

Some topics that are frequently covered here are content marketing, copywriting, productivity and blogging. This makes CopyBlogger the best place for bloggers to take their writing career to the next level.

Most blog posts published here are medium-size content. You can read one article within 2-5 minutes.

If you are serious about writing and love text based content, go check out Copyblogger.

Neil Patel

19 Neil Patel min

Who here doesn’t know Neil Patel? He’s been around the marketing industry for a while. On NeilPatel.com you’ll see many actionable blog posts and marketing guides. While most marketing blogs on this list publish formal and very technical SEO/Marketing content, Neil Patel focuses on publishing conversational content that digs deep into the marketing world.

Furthermore, Neil has always been known to share some industry secrets that would benefit newbie bloggers and marketing enthusiasts. So, if you are into marketing, you should bookmark this website.

There are no in-depth guides and recently Neil has started updating the blog with list articles and podcasts. Most of the articles and even most podcasts can be completed within 3-5 minutes.

Search Engine Watch

20 Search Engine Watch min

As the name suggest, Search Engine Watch is all about search engine optimization and new related to the same. You will find blog posts and articles related to SEO, search engines, algorithm updates, local business marketing and more.

You will rarely find any long-form content published in this website as they primarily focus on publishing news articles and small tutorials and tricks.

I visit Search Engine Watch to stay up to date with the SEO world and to learn if Google or any other search engines have release any algorithm updates. If you are an SEO, Search Engine Watch is a promising news website to bookmark.

Duct Tape Marketing

21 Duct Tape Marketing min

Duct Tape Marketing is one of the oldest running marketing blogs that still publish high-quality marketing content on a regular basis. On top of articles, you can find podcasts features CEOs and founders of Fortune 500 companies, e-books, etc.

They have more than 3000 articles published on their blog and most of these articles are conversational and informal.

If you don’t like reading much, you can still get some industry insights and secrets by listening to the high-quality podcasts.


22 Marketing Profs min

MarketingProfs is coaching portal for aspiring marketing professionals. Although the training is premium, you can read marketing tutorials, list articles, social media marketing and other such content in their blog section for free.

You will need to sign up with a free account in order to have full access to this blog section but you don’t have to pay to read text based content.

Sales optimization, social media marketing, paid advertising, technical SEO are some of many topics that they cover frequently cover on this blog.

Beginners may find it hard to understand some articles. You’ll need at least beginner level understanding of marketing terms to follow through with these articles.

Search Engine Journal

23 Search Engine Journal min

Like Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal is also a marketing blog that publishes a lot of content related to SEO and all things marketing. Most content published here are closely related to SEO.

Search Engine journal is a multi-authored blog and you’ll see multiple articles published in a single day. These articles include; latest search engine related news, tutorials, marketing strategies and tricks.

There are some in-depth marketing guides but most of the content in this blog are simple and medium-sized content you could read in just 3 or 5 minutes.


24 Unbounce min

Unbouce offers many premium marketing tools to help business do more online and get the most ROI from their marketing efforts. You can read their marketing tutorials and in-depth guides for free.

They publish content related to copywriting, landing page optimization, conversion rate optimization, e-commerce marketing and more. Most of the articles published here are list articles with resources, tips and tricks.

Furthermore, Unbounce sports more than a 1000 marketing tutorials. So, you have a lot of content to work with and learn marketing.

Chris Lema

25 ChrisLema min

Unlike other blogs in this article, Chris Lema is a blog dedicated to helping WordPress businesses make more money online(with the help of marketing).

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world which makes it the best choice to start business websites and blogs. Using Chris Lema’s tutorials, you can promote your business, automate a lot of manual labor, get complicated tasks done in WordPress without hiring a developer and more.

Chris focuses on publishing medium size content and most of the articles published here are conversational and informal.

Go check out Chris Lema’s blog if you want to learn how you can speed your WordPress based business or reduce some work load on your team mates by using WordPress automation plugins.


26 SEO Nick min 1

SEONick is one of the few SEO and marketing blogs that cover a specific sub-niche such as e-commerce. Most blogs and publications usually avoid publishing about e-commerce marketing as it is highly research oriented.

SEONick features a lot of e-commerce blog posts and marketing tutorials. Unfortunately, the blog hasn’t been updated for a very long time but most of the content published here are still relevant.

You’ll find content related to e-commerce auditing, customer retention, social media marketing, traffic generation and more.

If you are a store owner who’s struggling to bring in organic search traffic to the store, you can check SEONick and follow some proven marketing strategies to give your existing e-commerce marketing strategies a kick.


27 SEMRush min

SEMRush is one of the largest SEO tools in the game at the moment. Be it paid advertising, keyword research or link outreaching, SEMRush has at least one tool to help you out. Their blog has impressive SEO content that you must start reading right now.

I would strongly recommend SEMRush blog to content marketers, bloggers and anyone who’s looking for free resources related to SEO and paid advertising. Most of their content is long-form content which means that they are packed with high-quality information that’ll help you in your marketing campaigns.


27 Yoast SEO min

Most WordPress users install Yoast SEO plugin by default which makes this plugin the most downloaded and trusted WordPress SEO plugin out there. Yoast has been around for a long time. You can easily find actionable, data-backed SEO tutorials on this blog.

You will find long-form content in the form of definitive guides. Unlike other business websites, Yoast actually publishes technical SEO related content which help a lot of WordPress users.

Not just WordPress users, if you are a blogger or a marketing enthusiast, you can use Yoast’s tutorial to improve your search rankings.


28 Gotch SEO min

GotchSEO is one of my favorite SEO blogs that dive deep into the technical aspects of SEO. You will find some solid blog posts and in-depth articles related to technical SEO, resolving technical SEO errors, link building using blogger outreach techniques, on-page SEO and more.

If you want to learn advanced link building strategies to take your website to the next level, GotchSEO is the best place to start.

Now, here’s a list of the next 14 best blogs about marketing and SEO that you can read to boost your website’s visibility online.

S.No.Marketing BlogTopic(s) CoveredWebsite Link
1Matthew WoodwardsSEO, Social Media & Content Marketinghttps://www.matthewwoodward.co.uk/
2Brain Labs DigitalSEO, Social Media and Conversionhttps://www.brainlabsdigital.com/blog/
3WP AstraWordPress SEOhttps://wpastra.com/
4Create & Go BlogSocial Media & Content Marketinghttps://createandgo.com/
5SmartBloggerContent Marketinghttps://smartblogger.com/
6Google Ads & CommercePaid Advertisinghttps://blog.google/products/ads-commerce/
79CloudsDigital Marketing For Businesseshttps://9clouds.com/blog/
8BigCommerce BlogE-Commerce Marketinghttps://www.bigcommerce.com/blog/
9RankMath SEO BlogWordPress SEOhttps://rankmath.com/blog/
10The Raven BlogSEO and content marketinghttps://raventools.com/blog
11Shopify BlogE-Commerce SEOhttps://www.shopify.com/blog
12Diggity MarketingSEOhttps://diggitymarketing.com/
13BuiltvisibleSEO, Content Marketing & Researchhttps://builtvisible.com/
14Digital Marketing InstituteDigital Marketinghttps://digitalmarketinginstitute.com/blog

Conclusion: Best Marketing Blogs

While there are thousands of quality marketing blogs online with great content around a number of trending marketing topics, the blogs listed in this article are reliable, sought after and provide the most actionable articles that beginners and advanced users can follow.

I will be adding more to the list and even update the exiting items depending on the content update frequency of these blogs.

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Furthermore, i have not included many “make money blogging” blogs as they only exist to hard sell their online courses without giving any real value to the visitors.

Let me know in the comment section below which one of these blog posts do you frequently visit. If you have any other recommendations, please share them with me by dropping them in the comment section below.