50+ Best Magazine WordPress Themes

Magazine websites are the go-to spot to get all your news and opinions about a certain topic. WordPress being the most used content management system to develop blog and magazine websites, it is obvious that many developers will develop amazing magazine WordPress themes.

You can use these themes to your advantage and avoid spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on hiring a design agency to build a custom magazine platform to publish news articles.

But there is a problem.

There are way too many magazine WordPress themes out there, and it’s really hard to actually find out which one is the best magazine WordPress theme for your website.

So, to help you to cut through all this noise, I have put together a list of the best magazine WordPress themes.

You can use any of these themes to build news websites, magazine websites, blog websites and multi-authored blogs.

Instead of putting all these themes and their features in a single list, I have divided them into three different portions:

The First section contains the top 10 list of themes with their features and an explanation that gives you an introduction to all the features and bells & whistles included in them.

The second section lists the 15 Best themes in the segment with images and respective demo, download buttons.

The third section is basically a table which contains a list of 20 themes that you can see in action by just clicking the demo link included with them.

So, without wasting any more time let’s get started with the list.

Bimba – Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress themes

Bimber is my favorite WordPress magazine themes of there. On top of being a fantastic responsible theme it back so many features that it is not possible to include them in a single article. 

So I am just going to give you a summary of its features.

Some of its features include:

  • Multiple layouts for home pages
  • Multiple layouts for single blog post
  • Front end users of nation
  • Modern navigation menu
  • Ability to divide posts into latest, popular, hot and trending.
  • Photo widgets 
  • Newsletter forms
  • Ajax loading features
  • Social icons
  • User polls
  • Quizzes
  • List articles
  • Ad management
  • And the list keeps on going.

So it’s fair to say that Bimber is one of the most feature loaded magazine themes out there even in the premium WordPress theme marketplaces.

What makes Bimber one of my favorite things is the fact that you don’t really need any type of customization to just start using this theme on your website.

If all you want to start his own magazine WordPress website, you can do that by installing this theme and publishing articles right away.

The one thing that worries most web designers and Developers is the fact that these themes are bloated with the unnecessary features and can slow down your website dramatically.

With member, I haven’t noticed any significant performance drop, and you always have the option to not use all those features that are not needed in your website.

JNews – Editorial, Magazine and Blog Theme

Magazine WordPress themes

JNews Is a clean and minimal looking news and magazine WordPress theme that has all the features and functionality that you are looking for in a magazine theme.

Just like any other magazine theme it has a custom homepage that you can modify and make it look exactly like the way you want to, to social media icons, newsletter widgets and footer with widgets.

This theme is completely customizable, and you can do whatever you want with it. you can use it as a news website theme are you can be treated as a block theme to launch your next blogging venture.

In some cases you can also use it as a niche blog theme.

With Such theme the possibilities are endless.

On top of all the layouts and all the widgets and plugin supports, you would be glad to know that this theme also comes with the Mega Menu option with which you can actually transform your website into a high-end looking online magazine.

One thing that sets this theme apart from any other in this list is the fact that you can actually start a membership website easily with this theme and accept frontend submission and form submissions from your users.

This theme is perfect for news and magazine businesses that are looking for a no-nonsense solution for the news and publishing platforms.

Newsblock – Magazine, Editorial and Blog

Magazine WordPress themes

Newsblock Is my favorite dark theme WordPress magazine theme. Where most of the themes in this list field to shine, Newsblock rules without breaking a sweat.

As you may have been noticing online these days that many websites have started offering the option to change the website background color into a dark theme.

Not just websites you can also see this feature inside your Android or iPhone settings.

So having such a feature inside your website makes it and interesting of offering in the Marketplace.

Not just that this theme also comes with all the bells and whistles that you would find on a regular WordPress magazine theme.

Some of the features that I personally find love with are:

  • Newsletter forms
  •  search box
  •  ability to launcher shopping portal right next to your news website
  •  social media icons
  •  modern look in footer
  •  different page layouts
  •  and multiple post layouts

There are so many options to take this theme that if you want you can make the same look unique and completely customized as per your desire. 

TinySalt – Personal Blog, Magazine For Food Blogs

Magazine WordPress themes

Tinysalt is probably the best cooking WordPress magazine theme in this list. On top of having all the bells and whistles such as a customized search box, footer options, different page styles, recipe options, it gives you the option start selling your cooking courses online using with just a few clicks.

It also comes with an e-commerce option with which you can use easily configure and launch your online shop without breaking a sweat.

The home page can be configured to show a big post slider with various meta options.

You can customize the home page to show post from different categories and make your homepage look next level.

One selling point of this theme is the hyper minimal UI and fast performance.

Most people do not prefer a team with too much information on the home page.

For those people, Tinysalt will be the best theme to work with.

Anymag – Blog and Magazine Websites

Magazine WordPress themes

Anymag, as the name suggests is the ultimate magazine WordPress theme. The home page itself is designed in a way that it makes you feel like you’re reading an actual magazine. 

The right side of the website sports the cover which is actually a featured image, subscribe now button, various post titles, and on the right side of the website you will see the latest article alongside a post slider.

This is one of the rare things that actually tries to give you a very creative look for your magazine theme.

 If you run a fashion website or if you are planning on launching a fashion blog, I would strongly suggest you to give Anymag a try.

Ceris – Magazine and Blog websites

Magazine WordPress themes

Ceris is an online magazine theme available on Themeforest that sports a very powerful UI that any reader would cherish.

There are a lot of home page style that you can select from and if you want, you can also individually customize each block that appears on the home page which makes this theme a very powerful option.

The top section of the home page is occupied by a post grid with background images. It looks amazing & very attractive and gives the whole theme a very appealing look.

With this theme, you can also start a membership website or launch your own apparel shop with just a few clicks.

Digiqole – Blog, News and Magazine Websites

Magazine WordPress themes

Digiqole is somewhat similar to Ceris and sports a lot of similar features such as social media icons, customized search box, ad management options, homepage slider and a fully responsive mobile navigation menu.

With Digiqole, you can also use the custom category widgets to give a unique look to the front end of the website.

With its management capabilities, you can insert ads anywhere on the website.

This will help you in making more money with affiliate Marketing or display advertisement.

You have the option to select from a range of different single post layouts that will help you in changing things up and avoiding using the same post styles in every single post.

Veen – Minimal Blog and Magazine Theme

Magazine WordPress themes

One of the most common issue that most developers and designers face with premium multiple purpose WordPress themes is the performance.

With Veen, you don’t have to worry about that.

It has scored well on every performance test online today and I can vouch for it as I’ve already used them on a couple of my client’s website.

It boasts a very minimal UI that’s suitable for all users and if you want to try out different layouts for different pages, you can easily do that by selecting your favorite post sliders, grid styles and post archive styles.

You don’t have to customize this theme at all.

In fact, after installing this theme, all you have to do is start publishing content so that you can start displaying ads and make as soon as possible.

Newsmag – News and Magazine

Magazine WordPress themes

Newsmag is one of the most powerful newspaper magazine WordPress themes out there. It literally has all the features that you want in a news website.

The only downside to using Newsmag theme is the fact that it has a lot of customers and the look and feel of the theme remains pretty much the same.

So, so you will need to do a lot of customization before actually launching the website for the public.

By customization, I don’t mean heavy coding or modifying the functions of the theme but using the inbuilt customization tool with which you can pretty much change the entire look of the theme without any problem.

This theme can help you launch a range of different blogs and magazine websites including:

  • Food blog
  • Tech blog
  • Multi authored magazine website
  • Personal blog
  • Fashion blog
  • and more

If you are looking for a WordPress theme with all the bells and whistles, Newsmag is the best option out there.

Sitka – News and Blog websites

Magazine WordPress themes

Sitka is a hyper minimal WordPress theme that can be used for almost any type of WordPress website. From magazine to news and person blog, this theme will shine without any problems.

You can use to use the same without any customization and tweaking, adn you get to choose from a range of different home pages and demo websites that you can import to your website with just one click.

Once imported, you can use the theme customizer to customize everything about the demo content.

This makes the whole customization process very intuitive and easy.

Most themes listed in this article will need some level of customization if you are intending on using them on a blog, but this theme can be used for your personal blogs without any customization whatsoever.

That’s what makes this theme the best choice for bloggers and multi-authored blogs that are looking for a simple and minimal WordPress themes to launch their next venture.

Zeen – Magazine Websites

Magazine WordPress themes

Zeen is a modern magazine WordPress theme with Minimal UI approach.  Although the theme is minimal in the looks department, it puts a long list of features that you can use to launch a powerful online magazine business.

Social media icons, newsletter widgets, masonry grid styles are many features that this theme packs.

Minimal themes usually have a soothing effect on the eyes which can help you in increasing your ad revenue and newsletter sign-ups.

Especially if you are planning on launching a blog, you can use Zeen as it really looks nice and can be easily tweaked into a blog theme using the built-in theme customizer.

Authentic – Fashion Blogs and Magazine

Magazine WordPress themes

Authentic claims to have more than 18000 homepage styles and 50+ one-click-demo websites ready to be imported. This makes Authentic one of the most powerful magazine themes out there.

In fact, you can easily use the same on any website including a magazine, b blog, a viral blogging platform, a news website, a journal and more.

If you visit the demo page you will see that they have a lot of Demos for a lot of different industries.

But, with so many features, usually the performance goes for a toss.

You would be glad to know that this Authentic is also very fast loading theme which means that your users don’t have to wait for the content to load.

By the time your visitors is ready to read the content, all the multimedia and other features of the websites will be loaded without any delay.

Furthermore, this theme is also a minimal WordPress theme which means that you can easily use it on any fashion WordPress website.

It comes with the theme customizer with which you can easily change the fonts design and single post layouts to suit the post topic.

Typology – Blog and Newspaper

Magazine WordPress themes

Typology is a theme built for text heavy websites.  This means that you can easily use it on websites similar to medium.com.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend this theme to be used on a magazine website that depends on a lot of multimedia as it doesn’t really come up with a lot of post option and styles.

That said, if you care about the performance of your website and want to offer an ultrafast experience to users, you can use the same to build your blog or magazine.

If you want to experience how fast the same you have to visit the demo and check it out for yourself.

The only downside to using such a theme is that you don’t really get much in terms of features and custom widgets.

But, that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for performance and user-friendly nature of the same.

Malina – Blog and Magazines

Magazine WordPress themes

Malina is a blog and magazine WordPress theme with minimal design. In spite of sporting a minimal design, it comes with a lot of features including:

  • like button on the post
  • total post views
  • total time to read the post
  • social media icons
  • Instagram widget
  • a very fancy looking footer
  • a shop page
  • multiple navigation Menu option
  • off Canvas navigation menu
  • and more

Seriously the features in this theme can help you create some of the most visually pleasing blog post and magazine articles without a doubt.

If you are not into customizing your theme a lot and want to go with whatever you can get on the market, Malina should be one of the top options in the list.

Mercury – Magazine, Blog and News

Magazine WordPress themes

Mercury is a colorful magazine WordPress theme that can be used for either magazine or newspaper sites. I wouldn’t recommend using this theme on a blog because it contains a lot of features that you won’t want to use on a blogging website.

Plus, having such a powerful theme just for a blog will only slow down your server and affect your page loading Times.

Mercury comes with a lot of features such as custom home pages with slider social media icons, different block layouts and a very fancy navigation menu.

If you are planning on powering your website with affiliate Marketing, you would be glad to know that Mercury comes with a lot of features that can help you make the most out of your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Squaretype – Magazine and Blogs

Magazine WordPress themes

Squaretype is a modern looking WordPress magazine theme that sports a lot of modern features such as readable typefaces, social media icons, minimum layout, custom widgets, search, Shop page, promo blocks, cat category, pop ups, inline post listings, gallery blocks and review post types.

All these features combined make Squaretype a very powerful team in the Marketplace.

You can easily make this theme to look the way you want, and you can also select from a range of post styles to make each post unique.

ZoxPress – Multipurpose, Magazine and Blog theme

Magazine WordPress themes

ZoxPress was launched in 2020 and since its inception, it has acquired a lot of clients with its simple layout and very attractive typography.

You get to select from a range of different homepage designs and even with the post you, have the option to control the look and feel to make it look very appealing and unique.

Although most of the items listed in this article will need some level of customization, you can start using ZoxPress right of the box.

You can choose to display Ads as backgrounds, Switch between dark and light color scheme, launch your own shop, and style your blog posts from more than five different post style configuration.

CheerUp – Blog and Magazine

Magazine WordPress themes

CheerUp Comes with more than 15 home page designs and Demos that you can just import with one click. You can either launch your own feminine personal blog for a bold WordPress magazine using this theme.

It totally depends on your choice and what you want to do this theme.

If you look at all the options and configurations that you can tweak, this theme can easily be used to create more than thousands of website layouts without breaking a sweat.

This makes CheerUp one of the most powerful blogger and magazine WordPress themes in this listing.

Although you can use this theme to launch your own magazine or newspaper site, I would strongly recommend you to use this to run your blog or your multi author blog as this theme doesn’t offer that many features in terms of post customization and home page designs.

As promised earlier, here’s a list of the next best magazine WordPress themes.

Just Click on the “Demo” button and see them in action.

Magazine WordPress themes

Ruki – Blog and Magazine

Magazine WordPress themes

Vlog – Video Blogs and Magazines

Magazine WordPress themes

VidoRev – Video Blogs and Editorial

Magazine WordPress themes

Uppercase – Blog and Editorial

Magazine WordPress themes

Wanderland – Blog and Editorial

Magazine WordPress themes

Roogan – Personal Blogs and Magazines

Magazine WordPress themes

Sahifa – News, Magazine, Personal Blog and Blogs

Magazine WordPress themes

KingNews – Magazine and News

Magazine WordPress themes

24.Storycle – Magazine and Blogs

Magazine WordPress themes

Investory – News and editorial

Magazine WordPress themes

HashNews – News, Magazine and Blogs

Magazine WordPress themes

BitNews – News and Magazines

Magazine WordPress themes

#ViralNews – Viral content websites and News

Magazine WordPress themes

DailySports – Sports websites and Magazines

Magazine WordPress themes


Still didn’t find your theme?

Here’s a bare-bone version of the next 25 themes that you can purchase today. If you still cannot find a magazine WordPress theme that suites your purpose, you might need to get a custom WordPress them developed.

Theme NameDemo + Download
WaylardLive Theme Demo
GeneratePressLive Theme Demo
The7 ThemeLive Theme Demo
Genesis SampleLive Theme Demo
Authority ProLive Theme Demo
Magazine ProLive Theme Demo
Mai ThemeLive Theme Demo
Wellness ProLive Theme Demo
Cook’d ProLive Theme Demo
News ProLive Theme Demo
Astra ProLive Theme Demo
Breakthrough ThemeLive Theme Demo
Divi ThemeLive Theme Demo
ExtraLive Theme Demo
Love LifeLive Theme Demo
MagMax ProLive Theme Demo
LazaNewsLive Theme Demo
Black FlagLive Theme Demo
AdamagLive Theme Demo
ScipioLive Theme Demo
AmbroLive Theme Demo

Conclusion: Best Magazine WordPress themes

Magazine WordPress themes are the souls of the magazine and editorial community that uses WordPress to power their websites.

It helps them in keeping the production cost under control and invest the saved cash into content production and marketing.

In this article, I listed some of my favorite magazine WordPress Themes to help you find the best match for your next online magazine.

If you have any other theme in your mind, please drop them in the comment section below.