10+ Best Button Colors To Increase CTR

Choosing the right color for your buttons can help you increase your overall revenue, newsletter signups, and activity on your blog. There are hundreds of colors to choose from but what are the best button colors and why?

In this article, I am going to share some interesting facts and theories related to the effects of colors on user-behavior and conversion rates.

Choosing the right color will bring a slight boost to your website’s performance but that shouldn’t be the only reason as to why you’d like to change the colors of your buttons, links, and over clickable elements.

The color scheme of your website should go with the branding. If you use Green color in your branding and end up using Pink colored buttons and Yellow-colored links, it would look odd.

That said if everything is working out, and button colors are the only thing that’s blocking your website from achieving its true marketing potential.

Let’s get started.


blue min
  • RGBA: rgba(33,150,243,1)
  • HEX: #2196F3

Blue is the default color that everybody recommends you use. No matter the branding and the type of content, it is believed that if you have blue links and buttons, you will be able to get more clicks and conversions.

But, why is that so?

The blue color is one of the favorite colors of everyone.

If you do a survey, you might be able to find people who don’t like Blue color or any of its shades. On top of that, Blue is also associated with reliability, peace, and water. We are surrounded by blue. The color of the sky is also mostly blue. So, naturally, you feel very comfortable.

That’s the reason why most car companies have at least one variant in the Blue or its shades.

Personally, it gives me a calming vibe when I see a brand, product, link or button designed with the Blue color.

But, the real question is; should you actually use Blue color as your button’s background color and link color?

Yes, Microsoft, Linux, and macOS use Blue to highlight the links inside applications. Google, Bing, and all major search engines also highlight clickable elements using the color Blue.

We’ve been trained by these tech giants to identify clickable elements in the color Blue.

So, changing the URL color to blue will make it easier for your users to find these links and buttons.


green min
  • RGBA: rgba(76,175,80,1)
  • HEX: #4CAF50

Green is associated with prosperity, well-being, money, nature and peace.

Green also represents nature and all the green products. In some countries, it is required by the Law to have a number-plate with a Green background if your vehicle runs on Electricity as supposed to the hybrid system or petroleum. This number plate suggests that the said vehicle leaves the least pollutant in the atmosphere.

I have seen Green color being used by websites, e-commerce stores, blogs, and information portals that deal with agricultural products, renewable resources, vegan recipes, and more.

So, if your blog or info website revolves around nature, agro, or anything related to these niches, you can use the Green color as a background for your buttons and the main color for your links.

That said, I have also seen some websites such as Backlinko (a blog about marketing and SEO) using Green as the accent color and a dark orange (Rose of Sharon).

Since Green is also associated with growth, you can also use this color in personal coaching blogs and personal finance blogs.


orange min
  • RGBA: rgba(255,152,0,1)
  • HEX: #FF5722

Associated with bubbly nature, cheerfulness, hope, optimism, and caution, you’d see the Orange color being used in the traffic lights, CTR Buttons, website accent colors.

With the orange color, you can easily grab attention and turn potential clients into high-ticket clients. That’s the reason why you see Amazon using Orange for all the buttons on their e-commerce store.

You may not believe it but Orange invokes enthusiasm. You can use this to retain those impulsive buyers and turn them into customers.

Brands such as McDonalds, Mozilla, Fanta, Amazon, Nickelodeon and many more use the Orange color as their main accent color.

If you sell stuff online, start using Buttons with orange background colors. You will definitely experience some level of CTR boost. Especially, if you run a multi-billion dollar business such as Amazon, even a 0.0001% boost could mean upwards of millions of dollars.


cyan min
  • RGBA: rgba(0,188,212,1)
  • HEX: #00BCD4

Cyan is a primary color in the CMYK color scheme and is mostly used in the printing and publishing industry. But, in flat web design and even on Amazon’s Prime Video, Cyan can be observed as the primary accent color. So, using CYAN instead of your traditionally recommended Blue or Orange is not so bad.

It gives readers a soothing effects and can go hand-in-hand with flat web design.

Cyan is associated with creatives, intuitiveness, and uniqueness. So, if you are working on a brand that works in some creative industry, Cyan can be a great color to start with.

I have seen many personal blogs using CYAN for the background of their CTA buttons but the main problem that I face when using CYAN for links is contrast.

In a minimal design, Cyan-colored links are somewhat visible but if your design is crowded and uses multiple images on a single page, you will have to find a new way to highlight the links. Maybe, make the links bolder?


purple min
  • RGBA: rgba(103,58,183,1)
  • HEX: #673AB7

The color purple is associated with royalty, luxury, wisdom, power, and premium. If you run a jewelry store or if you run an authority website where you share your expertise, you can easily use Purple-colored buttons without breaking your UI rhythm.

The only problem is that Purple doesn’t usually work well with other colors. It doesn’t look and feel good when used with a dark background. So, you will have to do some research to see if this wonderful color fits the color scheme of your website.

Websites such as Yahoo and Cadbury use Purple as the primary color in their logo and other piece of branding.


Black min
  • RGBA: #000000
  • HEX: rgba(0,0,0,1)

No matter what you do, you will use Black in your web design one way or the other. Black is associated with calm, balanced, simplicity, reliability, stability, confidence, and intelligence.

I don’t think I have to list the number of websites that use black as the background color for their buttons. Premium brands and even most graphic design studios make use of Black buttons everywhere on their website.

So, if you are worried that your website would look dull with just a Black and White design, you can always choose a third color for elements that may require some character and expression while keeping Black as the color for buttons.

If you plan on using Black as the link color, you may want to add an underline to the link just to let people know.


pink min
  • RGBA: rgba(233,30,99,1)
  • HEX: #E91E63

The color pink is mostly associated with the feminine side, youthfulness, compassion, nurturing, love and romance. If your target customer is mostly comprised of women, Pink is the ideal color to build your buttons with.

Furthermore, if you run a gift shop or target weddings or matchmaking niche, there’s no better color than Pink.

But, Pink is rarely used in corporate space. So, make sure to do some research before using it as the background color for your website.

Of course, if your accent color and the primary brand color is Pink, go right ahead and color your buttons with Pink. It will go well with your web design and attract the right type of people to purchase your products.


indigo min
  • RGBA: rgba(63,81,181,1)
  • HEX: #3F51B5

If you use Ink pens, Indigo and Royal Blue colors are the ones that are easily available in the market. Although Indigo is a pretty common color, designers don’t use it as it resembles Blue. So, why not use Blue instead?

According to Small Biz Trends, Sir Isaac Newton identified six wavelength shades: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. Indigo was added to the list at a later time.

Indigo color is associated with intelligence, devotion, wisdom, fairness, impartiality, power, dignity and sincerity.

If you are wondering if your brand can make use of this color in the branding or a CTA button color, check with your design team and see what type of audience your brand is targetting.

If your services or products fall in the Finance, Education, or Legal services industries, You can use Indigo to attract some new customers.

Does it matter which color I use for my buttons?

Well, according to research and psychology, some colors do have a positive impact on your marketing campaigns. But, colors alone can’t propel your sales online. You need the clever and intuitive design to turn your prospects into paying clients.

You should think about A/B testing with colors if you have already optimized your website in all the other aspects.

What if a color doesn’t go well with my web design?

Well, then don’t use that color and stick with your website’s color scheme. As mentioned earlier, don’t stress too much on the color of the buttons. Buttons are just a part of your landing page.

What rookie mistakes should I avoid when working with colors?

Well, if you are using more than 2 colors in your web design. It’s time to remove them all. Stick with two colors and that’s it. Too many colors will make your content look very crowded and unprofessional.

Especially, if you are in the corporate space or offer services to businesses, you don’t want to look unprofessional. Even using two colors is a bit too much.

For me, one color is more than enough to get the job done.

Should you only use brand colors in your landing page?

No, most landing pages are either packed with the content or have multiple images, UI elements to keep the reader engaged. So, it is not important to stick with the brand colors. You can use more than 3 colors but only use a single color for all the buttons on the page. If you want, you can use a transparent background button to highlight the “not so important” content.

Conclusion: Best Button Colors For Maximum CTR

Although I have listed a few colors that might help you in boosting the CTR of your website. Please understand that the overall flow of the design is far more important than using the best CTR invoking colors. If your branding and website’s overall color scheme don’t compliment a particular color, don’t use it.

It may turn off the reader and they will not click on the button.

A good web design is a clever balance of colors, content, and contrast. Have too much of one and it will ruin the whole user-experience.

If you are still confused, please take a look at a few of your competitors to see what type of buttons they use on their landing pages. Replicate those button designs.

Which one of these colors would you use as your CTA button’s background? Drop your valuable comments in the comment section below.