10+ Best Bulk Emailing Services

Bulk Email Services are used by marketers and bloggers to send promotional content, latest blog updates, affiliate deals, and product launch invitations. Sometimes, we see bulk emailing services being used in cold emailing campaigns to acquire low-hanging clients.

So, if you look at all the benefits that come packed with the use of these bulk email services, you’ll understand why these tools are still considered one of the top marketing tools online.

I mean everybody is using them. Even banks, insurance companies, government organizations, and social media networks make use of email marketing.

So, how do you get the best out of email marketing without spending a fortune on building custom platforms and online applications?

Unlike the old days, today, you can easily start your email marketing campaign and newsletter campaigns easily for free.

And, in this tutorial, I am going to share with you some of the most popular and feature-packed bulk emailing services. Some of them are free to start with and the others are affordable and beginner-friendly.

So, no matter who you are, if you have started a website, launched a product, or want to get a few easy clients online, this post will help you out in choosing the right option for your email marketing campaigns.

Let’s get started.

MailChimp Email Marketing Services

00 mailchimp min

Mailchimp is one of those Email marketing tools that pretty much revolutionized the industry. They started offering free plans that startups, bloggers, and small agencies could make use of.

When I started my first niche website, there weren’t many choices unless you were willing to shed some money. So, Mailchimp was something that everybody used to build their newsletters and email marketing campaigns.

It is easy to configure and integrate with WordPress and other major content management systems.

Furthermore, Mailchimp has received many upgrades and updates that make it one of the most powerful email marketing tools that exist today.

You can create individual emails, landing pages, digital Ads for social media, postcards, get analytics and insights on your active marketing campaigns, automate manual marketing tasks, and more.

It’s truly impressive that you get to access so many great features without even spending any more.

Further down the road, if you gather more than 2000 subscribers, you can upgrade to the next premium plan easily. If you don’t prefer paying a lump sum amount, you can also select the “pay as you go” option and only get charged for the number of resources that you use.

On top of that, you can also receive some additional discounts if you work for or with nonprofits and charitable organizations.

So, who should get started with Mailchimp?

Well, if you are someone who’s just launched their first blog and wants to try their hand at email marketing, you should get a Mailchimp account.


01 Dotdigital Bulk Emailing Services min

DotDigital is not just a bulk emailing service. It’s more of a fully-fledged platform for digital agencies and marketing professionals.

As you progress or try to dive deep into the platform, things will get confusing if you aren’t aware of some basic and advanced marketing terms.

From their list of supported integrations, I gauge that they predominantly support e-commerce platforms. That makes DotDigital a suitable email marketing platform for transaction-related websites that runs on Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce.

That said, their homepage states that you can use their platform to promote B2C and B2B clients. So, you can use their email marketing tool to send newsletters and other marketing emails.

Additionally, they also offer SMS services, chat, landing pages and forms, and retargeting. So, if you are already running a full-blown marketing campaign and want to upgrade to a more powerful platform, dotdigital could the answer you are looking for.

Let’s talk about the emailing tools.

You can use their ready-to-go emails that you can use if you don’t want to spend too much time designing email templates for your newsletter campaigns. You can just drag and drop elements onto a page and send/schedule emails within a few minutes.

Their email automation tools help you in sending specific emails to people whenever they complete a task or perform an action. You can use this to retarget some prospects who forgot to signup for your services or purchase a product that you are promoting.

Product recommendation features help you in displaying the products that a visitor is more likely to purchase. This is based on their activity on your website and the trend that they’d followed while purchasing some product of your website.

dotdigital’s Send Time Optimization is an AI-powered algorithm that helps you in making sure that most of your emails are sent at the right time which will eventually increase the open-rate and conversion rate of the whole campaign.

Moosend – email marketing and automation services

02 Moosend Bulk Emailing Services min

Moosend is also a fully-fledged marketing platform that offers you with the following tools and features:

  • Email marketing – newsletters, bulk emailing, and more.
  • Marketing automation
  • Landing pages
  • Subscription forms
  • Newsletter editor
  • E-Commerce AI
  • Email Personalization
  • Behavior tracking
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Integration

Unlike Mailchimp, Moosend is a powerful marketing platform that offers an array of solutions for digital marketing. This is one platform that can take care of all your email marketing-related tasks without breaking a sweat.

Moosend is being used by Dixons, isobar, GUCCI, TEDx, and Vogue. You are in good company. If multi-billion dollar companies can trust Moosend for their email campaigns, so can you.

Who should use Moosend?

Moosend is not for small bloggers or marketing campaigns. They do offer a free plant with unlimited emails and signup & subscription forms, but if you want to work with the good stuff, you will have to upgrade to the Enterprise Plan which could cost a lot of money depending on the scope of your marketing campaign.

HubSpot CRM

03 HubSpot Bulk Emailing Services min

HubSpot CRM is one of the oldest CRMs that I personally use on a daily basis to manage projects, send invoices and solve client support questions.

Prior to Hubspot, I used to work with Open CRM and Salesforce. Anyone who’s ever used any of these two applications knows that they are pretty complex and painful to configure. There’s a whole category of courses on Udemy that teach you how to do some basic stuff on Salesforce.

No doubt, Salesforce is the most powerful CRM out there but nobody needs such firepower. Especially if you are running a blog or a small business that only requires a little CRM help.

That’s where HubSpot CRM come into play.

It offers a range of marketing and sales related products such as:

  • Marketing hub
  • Sales hub
  • Services hub
  • CMS hub

You can start using HubSpot for free and when you feel like upgrading to a much more powerful plan, you can easily upgrade within a few minutes without losing any of your progress or data.


04 GetResponse Bulk Emailing Services min

GetResponse might offer a range of marketing-related services but most people use it to power email marketing campaigns. It’s a combination of sales marketing and email marketing. The perfect match that you need to make money online.

You can build signup forms, create sales funnel, conduct webinars, and create landing pages. So, that’s all the features that you need to put together a powerful email marketing campaign.

To be honest, you can easily sell stuff online without launching your own website using GetResponse. It’s that powerful.

Unfortunately, GetResponse doesn’t come with a free plan. So, you will have to spend upwards of $15/mo depending on the plan you choose to signup.

I wouldn’t recommend GetResponse to beginners and people with little to no knowledge of email marketing. If you have a well-established online business, you can use GetResponse to boost your revenue.


05 ConvertKit Bulk Emailing Services min

ConvertKit might be the most favorite email marketing platform used by bloggers. From Pat Flynn to CreateandGo.co, everybody recommends ConvertKit. But, is it that good?

Let’s find out.

ConvertKit is a complete email marketing tool. From signup form creation to automation, it comes with a lot of beginner-friendly features that you can use to skyrocket your email newsletter subscribers.

The main reason why ConvertKit is loved by many bloggers is the simplicity and intuitive dashboard that’s clean and straightforward.

Some marketing tools confuse it’s users with tons of unwanted and irrelevant information and options.

ConvertKit is pretty much built for bloggers and non-techies who just want to do email marketing on their own without having to go through the tedious learning process and trial & error methods.

Constant Contact

06 Constant Contact min

Constant Contact lets you create customizable email templated within minutes with the help of its drag & drop newsletter builder. I love this as it lets non-techies build powerful-looking email templated without touching a piece of code or hiring a professional email marketing expert.

On top of its email builder, you also get to use many premium features such as email automation based on trigger emails, retargeting non-openers, welcome emails to new subscribers, and more.

They also offer e-commerce specific marketing tools that you can use to send transactional emails, the ability to collect donations and manage events with the help of some external tool(s) integration.

Constant Contact doesn’t offer any free plans. So, you can signup for a free 30-day trial and then upgrade to one of the two premium plans. If you want to learn about the features offered in these plans, you can visit their homepage and pricing plans using the button below.

So, who should use Constant Contact?

Pretty much anyone can use Constant Contact. It is beginner-friendly and comes packed with advanced features for people who need more than just a simple email marketing tool.


07 Aweber Bulk Emailing Services min

Aweber is also one of the few email marketing and newsletter platforms used by thousands of marketers online today. Aweber also comes with some unique features such as web push notifications, landing pages, email builders, and more.

Since MailChimp’s arrival, many such email marketing tools that are targeted towards bloggers and small to medium scale businesses have started offering free plans with limited but sufficient features.

Aweber comes with a free plan with which you can launch your newsletters and grow it to at least 500 subscribers.

If you manage to grow your email list to 500 subscribers, you’ll have more than enough revenue to invest in the premium plan. The best part about Aweber’s premium plan is that it’s cheaper and convenient than many other options in the market.

Furthermore, Aweber can easily be integrated with WordPress and all major CMS. If you are someone who wants to launch their email marketing campaign but doesn’t have the budget to spend on a premium option, start with Aweber.

Mailer Lite

08 Mailer Lite min

Mailer Lite offers a drag & drop email builder to help beginners build beautiful and professional-looking emails within a few minutes. This editor also supports Rich Text Editor, Custom HTML Editor, and pre-made templates.

In case, if you don’t have a website, you can use Mailer Lite’s landing page and website builder to launch a simple or complex-looking web page to send your qualified traffic.

You can embed pop-ups, embedded forms that you can place anywhere on the webpage and easily manage your subscriber.

Just like many other powerful options in this list, Mailer Lite is also packed with Email Automation, Interest Groups Tagging, subscriber segmentation, and more.

Who’s this platform for?

Developers who love working with APIs, beginners, medium and advanced level users.


09 Mailjet min

Mailjet is an ISO and GDPR-compliant email service provider. Mailjet, as the name suggests, is strictly an email service. You don’t get other marketing tools or options with this one. Just a bulk emailing service for businesses and professionals that don’t want to spend too much time learning.

They offer email API (Mailgun API) which is claimed to be the best email API in the business. So, by the looks of it, Mailjet is targeted towards B2B and enterprise-level clients who want to extend the features using APIs and build custom applications to create a new email marketing experience.

Conclusion: Best Bulk Emailing Services

Now you have a list of the top email marketing tools and bulk emailing services at your disposal. How are you going to use these tools? Will you start your email newsletters and increase your blog revenue or will you start your cold emailing campaign starting today?

Whatever you do, please make sure to follow all the rules and regulations before starting your email campaigns. Spam is not tolerated by email clients and you might get your domain name blacklisted by your bulk emailing service provider or worse, you may get have to pay a hefty fine.

You can use these emailing tools to send cold emails but I would recommend using them for newsletter campaigns where users are aware of who you are what your content is all about.

Drop your valuable comments in the comment section.

Update: This article will be updated regularly. I will add the latest and greatest emailing services whenever I use them. If any services listed here become inactive, they will be replaced with the next best thing.