20+ Best Blogs About Blogging (The Latest list with details)

If you are starting out as a blogger, you need to read some blogs about blogging to see what the pros are doing and what makes their blogs successful.

Especially, when you have hundreds of thousands of new blogging emerging on a daily basis, you can’t risk your blogging venture with trial & error strategies.

So, you need rely on blogs and YouTube video to teach & guide you throughout your blogging journey.

Remember, blogging works if you invest at least 8 months while daily grinding and publishing high-quality articles.

But, new bloggers find it hard to dig new and interesting topics. So, you need blogs about blogging to help you discover topics, find the best monetizing techniques, try the best possible reach-out techniques, and more.

That said, the real problem is the fact that there are so many blog tutors that it will become a painful task for any beginner to find the actual gems of the blogging world.

So, in this article, I am sharing with you some of my favorite and reliable blogs about blogging to help you learn, discover new blogging strategies, and fast-track your blogging success.

Let’s get started.

Pat Flynn

01 Blogs About Blogging Pat Flynn min

Pat Flynn started Smart Passive Income back in 2008. Back then, it was just another blog that taught people how to make money and how to generate passive income with a small niche blog but today it has grown into a big marketing blog with topics ranging from affiliate marketing, blog marketing, content marketing, podcasts, blogging tutorials and much more.

If you want to learn to blog, I would strongly recommend you visit Pat Flynn’s website and see what type of article he’s posting.

He is one of those guys who started niche blogging and made it famous when people worked hard and focused on producing authority blogs that usually failed miserably.

Smart Passive Income also shared some insights into creating premium courses and selling them as high ticket products. These days you will find every blog Guru trying to sell their premium courses to their visitors but Smart Passive Income was the one to start this whole trend of making money by selling premium online courses.

Yes, there were other blogs such as ProBlogger that sold courses and other digital products but most of them were eBooks or small courses about a certain topic.

Pat Flynn introduced us all to the world of premium courses and also made the whole transaction pretty transparent.

Features such as revenue reports, login income reports, and other such insights made Pat Flynn one of my favorite bloggers. He still holds the same position in my book and if you want you can also learn a lot more than just blogging and affiliate marketing, get started with Pat Flynn’s blogs and podcasts.

What makes Pat’s podcasts awesome is the fact that he invited successful entrepreneurs and bloggers who’ve made it big in this crowded industry.

I love gardening and planting new seeds every single week but I wasn’t sure if it would make me any money if I started a blog about gardening and seed germination.

That’s when I received a newsletter email from Pat Flynn.

He had just published a new podcast featuring Cassidy Tuttle who runs a successful blog called Succulents and Sunshine. I loved every bit of that podcast and decided to start mine on a gardening blog.

The blog generated a lot of income and I ended up selling it to a friend for a reasonable price.

There are so many great podcasts that you’ll stay motivated and keep the grind on without poisoning your thoughts with self-doubts and second thoughts.

Create and Go

02 Blogs About Blogging createandgo min

One of the most authentic blogs about blogging, Create and Go has a special place in my list. The couple behind this amazing blog share their journey, their marketing strategies, and blogging tips to help aspiring travelers and globe trotters.

They are unlike most other blogs about blogging and they had started and failed multiple times before succeeding with their health & fitness blog called Avacadu.

So, they have the experience and they share the bitter truth about blogging.

But, what makes them so special?

Well, before discovering their blogs, I aware of Pinterest marketing and how you can drive thousands of visitors on a daily basis. What I wasn’t aware of was the fact that you can actually build a million-dollar business with just Pinterest traffic.

If you check out their stats, they barely get any organic search traffic. But, when you look at their social stats, you will see that they are able to generate hundreds of thousands of visitors on a daily basis from Pinterest.

Pinterest users purchase happy people. If they like your content or product, they will spend money which makes them a perfect fit for money-making blogs and selling premium courses.

It takes years to reach the target of $10,000/month from a blog but they have managed to generate more than $150,000 from their blogs within the first three years of launching their blog.

Now, that’s inspirational. You have two people with no experience in content marketing, blogging, and making money online who managed to make it big and surpass all of their blogging goals in a short period of time.

Follow Create and Go and start your journey following the footsteps of people who are already generating 6-figure income from their blogs.


03 Problogger min

ProBlogger is one of the oldest running blogs about blogging on this list. It is not only just a blog about blogging but it is also a complete blog to read if you are not aware of anything related to blogging.

From starting a blog to making it a powerful online business, ProBlogger will help you in each step.

When I started out as a blogger, ProBlogger was one of the most frequently visited blogs in my browser.

What I like about ProBlogger is the fact that they don’t share unnecessarily long articles. Instead, they share action-packed content that helps a lot of newbies and seasoned bloggers in trying out new blogging strategies.

In addition to their text-based content, you can also find podcasts, ebooks, and other blogging resources.

On top of that, if you are a professional writer looking for a writing gig, ProBlogger also shares job posts where you can find the best writing gigs and make a lot of money as a freelance writer.

Even some of the oldest contents published on this blog are still relevant and need no updating.

The sheer value of the content written by Darren Rowse makes this blog one of the most important blogs about blogging on this list.

No matter who you are, if you want to make it big in the blogging world, reading blog posts published on ProBlogger is a must.


04 Blogs About Blogging SmartBlogger min

SmartBlogger is a blog about blogging and professional writing. If you or someone who is not really good at writing in English or copywriting but want to pursue copywriting or blogging as your career, SmartBlogger is a good place to start with.

All of their blogs are free to read and you don’t even need to spend money on their premium courses to just master the art of blogging.

If you read a few of my blog posts, you will understand that I am not an expert at professional content writing as English is my second language.

But reading a few articles published on SmartBlogger helps me in improving my writing and it also helps me inadding those few missing words to make the blog post more appealing to my readers.

If you don’t want to learn to copywrite and want to focus on blogging, you will be glad to know that they publish a lot of content related to freelance marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, and blogging.

If you want to become a certified freelance blogger, they also offer premium courses to help you start your blogging career.

Once you complete their premium course, you will get a blog certification that you can use to secure high ticket clients.

SmartBlogger is a blog suitable for newbie bloggers, aspiring writers, and affiliate marketing enthusiastic.

If you fall under any of these three categories, visit SmartBlogger right away and start learning the art of running a website online.


05 Copyblogger min

I don’t think that I need to introduce you to CopyBlogger. It is one of the oldest blogs dedicated to copywriting and blogging online.

You will find articles from multiple authors published on this blog on a daily basis. The knowledge shared by these authors can be easily implemented to get the best ROI on marketing investment.

If you are not into marketing, the blogging tips and content marketing tips shared on this blog alone will help you in propelling your blog online.

Most of the content that’s published in this block are medium-level content that can be read within a few minutes.

In fact, I was able to read six articles in just 23 minutes. So you don’t have to dedicate a whole afternoon to understand and read an article on this floor.

This makes CopyBlogger a blog that’s dedicated to copywriting and blogging. Unlike other blogs, CopyBlogger you don’t publish off-topic content which means that you can safely assume that you will always get high-quality content related to copywriting and blogging.

Blogging Tips

06 Blogs About Blogging BloggingTips min

BloggingTips’ website may look up dull and boring but let me tell you the content published on the portal is nothing short of amazing. BloggingTips focuses on cotton marketing, blogging, content writing, and social media marketing.

This blog has helped a lot of my friends in finding out the best type of articles to write and to make the most out of their affiliate marketing efforts. That’s why I recommend blogging tips to anyone who is running a money-making blog. It is done by Brett Helling and he manages to push quality content on a regular basis.

On his about page, he shares that he has launched hundreds of blogs and made a lot of money from his blog in his journey. As of now, he manages a couple of blogs that generate more than 1 million visitors/month.

It is the perfect blog tutor if you want to follow the footsteps of a successful blogger who had experienced both volatility and failures but still manages to emerge as a successful blogger at the end of the day.BloggingTips also features blogging reviews and product reviews that you might find interesting.


07 Blogs About Blogging ShoeMoney min

If you are looking for SEO advice in the blogging industry, Shoemoney is one of the best blogs to bookmark today. It is not a single-authored blog which means that you will get a lot of advice from a range of different authors from all over the world. 

On top of that Jeremy is the man behind this blog. If you don’t know who Jeremy is, I am pretty sure that you remember his Google AdSense check with more than hundred thousand Dollars in earnings.

The same cheque made him go viral over the internet and I strongly believe that it also played a big role in the blogging boom  because of which we have so many blogs that teach people how to blog.

Shoemoney usually publishers content related to affiliate marketing, SEO, business, blogging and content marketing.

Shoemoney has helped a lot of people in building their blog empire online with proven marketing strategies and affiliate marketing tricks.

If you want to make money with affiliate Marketing, Shoemoney should be one of your top blogs.

Zach Johnson

08 zacjohnson min

Zack Johnson is one of the most well known authors and content creators online today. He runs multiple blogs but his blog ZachJohnson.com is the one where you’ll find the most useful content related to blogging and affiliate marketing. 

This guy truly is an exceptional blogger and podcast producer as he has written hundreds of articles related to blogging and content marketing..

In fact, his podcast is primarily focused on making money online with affiliate marketing and blogging. So, if you are not interested in learning more about running a  business and just want to make money with your blog using affiliate marketing,  Zach Johnson’s blog is a good point to start.

Blog Tyrant

09 BlogTyrant min

Be it writing tips, blogging techniques, email marketing or content marketing strategies, Blog Tyrant is one of my go-to websites for all things blogging and affiliate marketing.

It is managed by Awesome Motive Inc. and they publish content related to affiliate marketing, content marketing, WordPress, blogging and web-design.

Blog Tyrant publishers in-depth guide that might be a bit too long for busy people but if you want to dedicate 7 to 8 hours blog in a day, you should give BlogTyrant’s article a read.

Most blog tutors these days do not actually publish content related to Google AdSense but BlogTyrant and has a lot of article that will help you in figuring out how Google AdSense works and when to apply I so that you can make the most money off your website without having to go through the whole process of managing and conducting an affiliate marketing campaign.

BlogTyrant has been around for a long time so you don’t have to worry about content not getting updated and authors abandoning the website.

You will get at least one article per week which is more than enough if you already have hundreds and thousands of articles in their blog section.

Blogging Wizard

10 Blogs About Blogging Blogging Wizard min

Blogging Wizard is the best place to start if you want to become a professional full-time blogger. This blog is not for anybody who just wants to try hobby blogging. From advanced keyword research tutorials to affiliate marketing guides and blog startup guides, Blogging Wizard provides you with a handful of articles that you can use to craft your own blog in journey online.

Not to mention, everything on this blog is free off cost and you don’t even have to sign up for their newsletters just to read a piece of content.

On top of providing amazing articles, they also so publish list articles with the best tools and product recommendations that you will find handy when choosing the best tools for your marketing campaign.

Adam Enfroy

11 Blogs About Blogging Adam Enfroy min

Adam Enfroy is another great money-making blogger who publishes a lot of content related to making money in the blogging industry. He uses affiliate marketing and paid promotions to generate revenue through his blog and his income reports are so impressive that they will definitely help you in keeping yourself motivated in those dark days.

I admire Adam because he has always provided quality content for free and also advocates in favour of using both affiliate marketing and display ads to generate revenue on is blocked.

He has been featured on a lot of business website such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider and Search Engine Watch.

So, you know he is the real deal.

Visit Adam Enfroy and get started with affiliate marketing and display advertisement for your blog and start making more money online.


12 Blogs About Blogging Detailed min

Have 30 minutes to invest in reading an article? If so you need to go and visit Detailed.com. Detailed doesn’t publish short or even medium length content instead they focus on generating long-form content that nothing short of an e-book.

But let me tell you, each paragraph has a lot of value and comes from a lot of experience in the marketing work.

This is not your typical blog about blogging. This blog will teach you how to start your own blog, how to publish content that can actually generate qualified traffic, how to do affiliate marketing the right way and how to turn your visitors into  revenue.

Detailed is not for beginners and if you ask someone who has been around for a while, you will definitely find Detailed.com articles pretty intriguing.

I visit Detailed.com on a daily basis to check if there have created a new piece of content.

That said if you don’t want to spend time reading the articles, just check out the articles and see what type of content works the best for them so that you can replicate the article writing style and format to get the most out of your blogging airports.


13 Dukeo min

Blogging income reports are motivational and inspiring. Unfortunately, most blog income reports are either fake or exaggerated but Dukeo, is different.

You will find honest and transparent income reports where they generated over $1.5K in revenue.

But that’s not it, you can also learn about affiliate marketing, business, blogging and some misc. topics.

It’s the perfect blog to learn how to turn your hobby blog into a revenue generating portal with just a few high-quality article.

Blogging Basics 101

14 Blogging Basics 101 min

Blogging guides are not simple and straightforward, most bloggers will promote some affiliate product inside their blogging guides and many blogging guides fail to explain things in simple language.

BloggingBasics101 is all about starting your blog and launching it for the public.

You can learn to start your own blog, write the perfect blog post to drive the most amount of visitors, learn about some neat tricks to improve the CTR of your blog, and even some blog monetizing methods.

Unlike other blogs in this article, BloggingBasics101 doesn’t have thousands of articles but every article published here are all of top-tier quality.

Write To Done

15 Write To Done min

Write To Done is a great blog to learn professional writing and copywriting. Without a good grasp of English, most blogging dreams will be shattered.

If people can’t understand your articles, they’ll not subscribe or spend more time on your blog.

Write To Done publishes content to help you with professional writing, e-book publishing, inspirational articles, grammar improvement, and more.

First Site Guide

16 First Site Guide min

While BloggingBasics101 is for blog startup guides, First Site Guide can help you in building websites, e-commerce portals and blogs on various different platforms.

Furthermore, you can learn more about CMS data, freelancing, content marketing and more.

You can even classify FirstSiteGuide.com as a digital magazine for content marketers and designers.

The Blog Starter

17 The Blog Starter min

The Blog Starter is another great blog to read if you need help with building your blogs and niche website.

From blog customization to tweaking WordPress and publishing content on your blog, The Blog Starter has a lot of content for beginners and medium-level bloggers.

Since Scott only focuses on publishing blog customization and startup content, you will only find articles related to WordPress customization, traffic generation, blog migration, and many other technical topics.

Neil Patel

18 Neil Patel min

Neil Patel is one of the most respected and sought-after marketing specialist. He has launched many blogs related to blogging, marketing and SEO but his current blog, NeilPatel.com/blog packs a lot of text-based content that’ll help you in building, managing and writing content for your website.

On top of that, you can also make use of free SEO tools offered by them to do your keyword research, competitor analysis and more.

Get started with Neil Patel’s blog and take your blogging game to a whole new level.


19 CodeinWP min

CodeinWP might sound like a Blog dedicated to publishing WordPress centric topics but you’d be surprised to learn that they also publish high-quality blogging and blog customization topics and list articles.

Plus, most people launch blogs using WordPress. So, their WordPress customization tutorials will definitely help you in making your blogging website look unique.


20 Scripted min

Scripted offers content related to content marketing, traffic generation, blogging, social media marketing, PPC and CPC.

Some articles might not be suitable for beginners but if you search for blogging related content, Scripted has a lot of promising content that you can make use of.

Also, if you want to find some remarkable blogs to read, you can also get a long list of such blogs in here.

Content Marketing Institute

21 Content Marketing Institute min

Content Marketing Institute is a marketing business that publishes high-quality blog marketing and digital marketing content.

If you’ve already learned a great deal about content marketing and blogging, it is time for you to the next step.

CMI’s articles are more advanced and technical. But, if you want to drive high-quality articles, you can get that with the help of CMI.

Once, you secure a few daily visitors, you will need to publish better content and start promoting content. This is where CMI comes in handy.

Conclusion: Best Blogs About Blogging

When I started my first niche blog, I struggled for more than 4 months and didn’t actually get any visitors. But, I found a few good blogs that shared some solid advice on blogging and content marketing.

These tips helped me in targeting the right keywords, approach the right people and write the right type of articles. After 4 more months of implementing these strategies, I was able to make my first blogging income, $370.

For an 8 months year-old blog, with just 4000 visitors/month, $370 is a pretty impressive step.

So, if you are planning on launching your own blog, it is important that you learn a few things about blogging first. If you don’t invest time on learning the blogging basics, you will have to spend more time perfecting your own strategies and it will eventually slow down your entire blogging journey.

Remember, reinventing the wheel is pointless if you are going to travel on the same road like the rest of us.

Use the battle-tested strategies. Once, you are successful, you can start doing some experiments and test your own blogging strategies.

In this article, I shared with you the most reliable and most sought after blogs about blogging.

What do you think about these blogs?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below and help others in finding the best blog tutor for their blogging journey.