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I am a full-stack web developer who loves coding, marketing and all things tech. On RocketCodex, I share useful resources, tutorials and marketing guides to help like-minded enthusiasts.

How To Design a Professional Website Footer

In the grand scheme of things, you might think that a professional website footer holds little to no value.But, that's not true.It's okay to...

How to add custom sidebars in WordPress

There are two major columns on a website. The main column with the main content, pagination, articles, and so on, and the sidebar column...

How To Add A Coming Soon Page To Your WordPress Website

Coming soon pages are used by developers, bloggers, and web designers to restrict users from seeing a broken website when they visit a newly...
Bulk Emailing Services

10+ Best Bulk Emailing Services

Bulk Email Services are used by marketers and bloggers to send promotional content, latest blog updates, affiliate deals, and product launch invitations. Sometimes, we...
increase CTR - Featured-min.png

10+ Tips To Increase CTR of Your Blog

Click-Through Rate or CTR is the calculation of the number of Clicks received by your links on a search engine results page by the...
Best Button Colors

10+ Best Button Colors To Increase CTR

Choosing the right color for your buttons can help you increase your overall revenue, newsletter signups, and activity on your blog. There are hundreds...
Review WordPress Themes

25+ Best Review WordPress Themes

Want to start a review website and make money with affiliate products? Review WordPress themes are the best way to get the ball rolling...
Best Download Managers To Speed Up Your Downloads

15+ Best Download Managers To Speed Up Your Downloads

Yes, you can just do fine with your default browser downloads but when it comes to large files and big software, having a download...
Fastest WordPress Themes

20+ Fastest WordPress Themes (Based on Speed Tests)

If you are looking for a fast WordPress theme to host your blog or your business website, I've compiled a list of the fasted...
WordPress Optimization Plugins

15+ Best WordPress Optimization Plugins

WordPress optimization plugins are the best options that you can use to speed up your WordPress websites. You don't have to be an expert...
disable comments on WordPress website

Should You Disable Comments On WordPress Blog? (Pros and Cons)

These days, many WordPress blogs don't have a comment section available for their readers.But, most SEO bloggers and marketing experts always advocate in favor...
How To Add A Favicon To Your WordPress Website

How To Easily Add A Favicon To Your WordPress Website

Favicon is that small icon that appears on left side of your browser tab. Mostly, it is used to identify a website's tab from...