15+ Best WordPress Megamenu Plugins

Best WordPress Megamenu Plugins

Megamenus are usually used by E-Commerce websites and large portals with hundreds of pages and tons of information. You can add images, videos, load articles using custom queries and load WooCommerce products easily. In this article, I have listed my favorite WordPress megamenu plugins to help you design a powerful WordPress website without spending weeks … Read more

20+ WordPress Optimization Checklist 2021 (BEGINNER-FRIENDLY)


Here’s the perfect WordPress optimization checklist that’ll help you in achieving the 3-second page load time target set by Google. In most cases, your entire website will load within 2 seconds. I have been using this checklist on my niche sites and haven’t had any problems when it comes to the page load times. But, … Read more

15+ Best WordPress Image compression plugins


WordPress image compression plugins play a major role in the optimization of the whole website. Be it an e-commerce portal with thousands of products or a simple blog that gets a few visitors every day, compressing images will help you in reducing the load on your server, save you some bandwidth, boost your website’s performance … Read more

20+ Best CRM For Marketing Agencies and Freelancers


CRM Software is Customer Relationship Management Software that businesses and marketing agencies use to streamline their sales process and to automate 70% of their manual labor. I started using SalesForce(A powerful CRM) back in 2016 and before that, I used to manually process all the transactions, schedule appointments, create landing pages, and so on. Once … Read more

20+Best Keyword Research Tools


Let’s be honest. Keyword research tools are the most important marketing tool that you must have in your toolkit. Yes, you can do marketing without any keyword research tools but in order to make the most out of your investments, you need tried & tested data and these keyword research tools make sure that you … Read more