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25+ Killer WordPress Security Checklist For 2021

Get Your WordPress Website an SSLGoogle had announced that they will demote unsecured websites. So, if you aren't using an SSL certificate to encrypt...
Best WordPress Megamenu Plugins

15+ Best WordPress Megamenu Plugins

Megamenus are usually used by E-Commerce websites and large portals with hundreds of pages and tons of information.You can add images, videos, load...

20+ WordPress Optimization Checklist 2021 (BEGINNER-FRIENDLY)

Here's the perfect WordPress optimization checklist that'll help you in achieving the 3-second page load time target set by Google.In most cases, your...

25+ Best WordPress Directory Themes

WordPress Directory themes are the reason why you see so many directory websites online today.From websites that help you find the best car dealer...

25+ Best WordPress Hotel Themes

The hotel and restaurant business is one of the most reliable businesses to run in the world. No matter what time, no matter what...

15+ Best WordPress Image compression plugins

WordPress image compression plugins play a major role in the optimization of the whole website.Be it an e-commerce portal with thousands of products or...

20+ Best CRM For Marketing Agencies and Freelancers

CRM Software is Customer Relationship Management Software that businesses and marketing agencies use to streamline their sales process and to automate 70% of their...

20+Best Keyword Research Tools

Let's be honest. Keyword research tools are the most important marketing tool that you must have in your toolkit.Yes, you can do marketing...

20+ Best Blogs About Blogging (The Latest list with details)

If you are starting out as a blogger, you need to read some blogs about blogging to see what the pros are doing and...

How To Remove Google Fonts From WordPress Completely

Google Fonts helps you in adding remarkable and good-looking, free fonts on your WordPress website without your users having to install these fonts on...

How To Cloak Affiliate Links In WordPress

What's an affiliate link? What does it mean to cloak affiliate links? Is it going to cost me money and are there more than...

How Many WordPress Plugins Should You Install

So, you have just installed WordPress and even configured a theme to represent your business, blog, or creative idea. Now you need to extend...