Rankwide is a technology blog that focuses on a range of topics including software, marketing, blogging, WordPress, design, SEO, gadgets, etc.

Run by a single author, Mithun Baiju, Rankwide sports quality content to help you propel your online presence.

Topics covered

I don’t have a list of topics but I am very passionate about a few topics including:

  • Marketing
  • Blogging
  • WordPress
  • Design
  • Software
  • Technology
  • Finance

I am also learning new things about Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. So, in future, I will be sharing content on the same topics.

About the author

My name is Mithun Baiju and I am a full-stack web app developer. Who loves working with WordPress and assisting startups in promoting their brands online.

After years of writing for others and launching niche blogs to make a few hundred dollars/month, I decided to launch this blog to share my thoughts, useful resources and tools recommendations for like-minded people.

How to contribute

Well, this is a single authored blog. So, you’ll not see any guest authors or paid writers on my blog. But, if you still want to contribute, you can either leave the comment or send us a message using the contact us form.

Affiliate Disclosure

I use affiliate marketing to make money on this blog. If you click on some links and purchase a product or service, I may get a small affiliate comission.

My thoughts and opinions are impartial, and whenever I publish a sponsored post, I make sure to disclose it inside the post itself.


You can send your messages at contact [at] rankwide.com or head over to the contact page to send a message. Please note that I don’t need any paid authors, SEO services or virtual assistants. This contact form is strictly for business inquiries and bug reports.