25+ Best Yoga WordPress Themes

Yoga is not just an exercise, it is a way of life. Although Yoga has been around for ages, it’s trending nowadays as many people have started realizing its true potential. And, if you are someone who wants to start your own Yoga Coaching business, getting a business website is a must. What better way to do that with a WordPress website with the help of Yoga WordPress Themes?

I have spent a week on digging deep into the world of premium WordPress themes and found the best Yoga WordPress themes that don’t need that much customizing and can be the perfect fit for most Yoga based businesses.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

Namaste WordPress Theme For Yoga Studios

Yoga wordpress themes

Right off the bat, Namaste gives you a Yoga vibe. You get a fullscreen hompage with a background image, custom header section, custom branding section, custom footer and many other features.

Since it is a theme designed specifically for Yoga businesses, you might not find that many features as compared to blog themes or some multipurpose WordPress themes.

If you are looking for a minimal WordPress theme to start your Yoga business, Namaste is a strong option you can invest in.

Essence Pro Theme For Wellness and Yoga Businesses

Yoga wordpress themes

Essence Pro is a Genesis Framework child theme which means that you’ll get all the features that you get with any Genesis theme. To name a few, Essence Pro comes packed with:

  • Fast performance – it doesn’t use that many server resources and delivers content within 3 seconds on any given browser.
  • Security – Studiopress is known to produce secure themes. Moreover, Genesis framework is recommended by top WordPress developers and designers.
  • Lifetime updates and customer support – Yes, you don’t have to pay a yearly fees to receive updates and upgrades this makes any Genesis powered theme affordable options.

Essence Pro comes with a lot of features such as site header without a background image, custom homepage section where you can place whatever element you’d like, custom footer, a blog section, WooCommerce compatibility and more.

Avada Multipurpose Theme – Comes With Yoga Template

Yoga wordpress themes

Avada is a multipurpose WordPress theme that comes loaded with a lot of visual elements, page layouts, post settings, custom homepage elements, e-commerce support, custom footer layouts and more.

This theme is not specifically designed for a niche but can be used to build almost any type of website in any give niche.

With the help of ready-made theme demos, you can launch your own Yoga website within a few minutes as opposed to spending months on designing, prototyping and launching your website.

Bhakti Yoga WordPress Theme

Yoga wordpress themes

Bhakti is a Yoga WordPress theme that looks minimal and loads fast on browsers which makes it the perfect fit for companies or individuals that are looking for a simple yet powerful WordPress theme.

The homepage is divided into various sections including homepage hero section, recent blog posts section, categories, team section, testimonials and a custom footer section.

Refined Pro Yoga WordPress Theme

Yoga wordpress themes

Refined Pro is another great minimal WordPress theme that’s powered by Genesis framework. So, it also comes packed with all the goodies Genesis offers.

When you take a look at the theme demo, you’ll see that it rocks a minimal design language along with a lot of visual elements that you can easily insert using widgets.

On top of all the other features that you’d find on any other theme, you can also use this theme to launch your own Yoga e-commerce website.

The7 Multipurpose Theme – Yoga Template

Yoga wordpress themes

The7 is one of the my favorite multipurpose WordPress theme as I’ve been using this theme to launch niche websites, blogs and e-commerce stores. The Yoga site template that can be imported with just one click can help anyone in launching their e-commerce website without any delay.

Custom buttons, homepage layouts, elements, blog post layouts, e-commerce features and many other easy to use features.

If you are looking for a powerful, lightweight theme to propel your yoga business online, The7 is worth a look.

Shanti Yoga WordPress Theme

Yoga wordpress themes Shanti

With a minimal homepage that consists of a banner section, categories, recent posts and more, Shanti is the perfect Yoga WordPress theme.

You can any event management plugins to conduct online events, webinars and even start your Yoga blog using this theme.

Most themes come packed with multiple demos but Shanti is built for Yoga and Yoga alone. So, you don’t really need to customize this theme or tweak the styles. Just put your images and change the text, and you are all set to start your business online.

Simply Pro Yoga Theme By Studiopress

Simply Pro Yoga Theme By Studiopress

As the name suggest, Simply pro is a simple WordPress theme powered by Genesis Framework. It is lightweight, ultra fast, secure and a value for money premium theme.

Although you can start your own business using this theme, I believe that Simply Pro is build for personal blogs. So, if you are looking to jump into the world of blogging in this niche, Simply Pro is one of the best choice that you might have.

Specially, if you don’t like bold colors and visual elements blocking the content on the website, go for this theme without thinking twice.

BeTheme – Yoga Template

BeTheme - Yoga Template

Betheme is one of the most feature packed WordPress theme as it is built for multi purpose. For example, if you want you can easily launch a blog for an e-commerce store and anything in between with this theme.

Just like any other multipurpose theme, Betheme also comes packed with a ready to import theme demo for yoga. this demo comes back with all the features and aesthetic elements that go hand-in-hand with the yoga industry.

If you want a theme that has all the features but also can give you the exact look and feel that you are looking for, Betheme might be the theme your looking for.

Sadhara WordPress Theme For Yoga Studios

Sadhara WordPress Theme For Yoga Studios

Sadhara is a minimal wordpress theme that’s built for yoga and other closely related industries. It comes packed with a custom home page with a banner, category sections, section for latest articles from the blog and various other sections that you can use to briefly explain about your business.

Not to mention, that you can also add CTA buttons in your head and launch your yoga blog without any major customisation.

Although it is not a multi-purpose theme, it comes packed with all the necessary features that you’d need to launcher your own yoga business.

Wellness Pro Theme For Yoga

Wellness Pro Theme For Yoga

Wellness Pro is a Genesis Framework powered by wordpress theme. It is most suitable for yoga, food and travel blogs. So you can easily use it without any customisation on your yoga blogs. You can treat it as a theme that suitable for multi-authored blogs, but I would strongly recommend you to use this on a personal blog where you share your opinions and experience related to yoga.

The homepage comes with a custom header section, navigation menu, header banner, category sections, recent articles, custom footer and various other options.

Go check out this theme in action by clicking the demo button listed below.

Salient Yoga WordPress Theme

Salient Yoga WordPress Theme

Salient is a remarkable wordpress theme that’s not just built for yoga. You can pretty much use the same on any industry you’d like. The yoga demo that this thing comes packed with has a lot to offer. Without spending premium price, you can easily get a powerful wordpress theme that can power your yoga business online.

I would recommend salient as a wordpress theme that should be used for a eCommerce yoga business as it also has a lot of e-commerce features that you can use to sell your services online.

If you don’t want to sell anything, you can also use the same as a blog theme for your business.

Yoga Responsive WordPress Theme

Yoga Responsive WordPress Theme

Yoga Theme is a minimal yoga wordPress theme that doesn’t come packed with a lot of features that you find in a traditional multi-purpose wordpress theme. The home page comes with slider, photo gallery, categories, and various other visual elements.

Just like any other WordPress themes, this theme also comes packed with a blog section that you can use to share your latest news or blog articles from your business. Not to mention that you can also use this theme as a personal yoga WordPress blog theme.

Showcase Pro Theme

Showcase Pro Theme

Showcase Pro is a premium Genesis child theme that’s suitable for a number of industries including yoga, Wellness, health coaching, life coaching, blogging, marketing and fitness.

Unlike others in this list, showcase true doesn’t come with a theme demo that you can use right away. You will have to do some minor customization to make it look unique.

But you will be glad to know that this theme is extremely fast, uses only bare minimum server resources, and delivers content at a faster rate than others in this list.

Jupiter WordPress Theme – Yoga Template

Jupiter WordPress Theme - Yoga Template

Jupiter is a multipurpose wordpress theme that offers a very elegant yoga theme demo that you can import with just one click. The yoga demo has a custom homepage with the big banner image that can be treated as a hero section, category section, team selection, services section, about section and other.

You can also launch your own blog or sell your yoga based services online using this.Since it is a multi-purpose theme, you can use it on any given industry that you want.

If you decide to purchase Jupiter, the possibilities are endless.

BodyFuel – Fitness and Yoga WordPress Theme

BodyFuel - Fitness and Yoga WordPress Theme

BodyFuel comes packed with a lot of features such as: a custom homepage, newsletter signup forms, social media icons, Latest article section, testimonial sections, coaches sections and category sections that you can insert on the home page of the website.

You also get the option to add different programs, add profile for different coaches, manage events, and launcher on blog using this.

It loads fast on the browser and doesn’t use that many server resources. For someone who is starting their yoga based business, BodyFuel can be the perfect theme to get things rolling.

Revolution Pro Theme

Revolution Pro Theme

Revolution Pro is a minimal wordpress theme that can be customised into looking like a yoga theme. You get the hero section image on the homepage and various other widgetized sections that you can customize using the widget panel in WordPress.

Powered by Genesis framework, Revolution Pro is also a very secure and fast wordpress theme.

Not to mention that you can easily set up your blog page with custom styles and start publishing quality content on your yoga blog within a few minutes.

Kriya Yoga – Yoga Theme

Kriya Yoga - Yoga Theme

Kriya Yoga is a yoga theme that can be used for both yoga and well-being industries. Homepage sports hero section/ slider section where you can share your latest photographs, a category section, testimonial sections, blog sections and more.

You also get custom shortcodes, Google Maps integration, eCommerce integration and custom blog post layout for the same.

So, in short you can use this theme for your business or treat it as a personal yoga blog theme.

It’s totally up to you.

OpenAir Yoga Theme

OpenAir Yoga Theme

Open Air is a yoga blog theme with many custom layouts for different post categories. In the home page you can have custom elements apart from the recent post, a homepage slider, recent articles, hero sections, info sections, team members and testimonial sections.

This is a yoga theme, you only get what you need in a typical yoga blog. So if you’re looking for yoga WordPress blog that doesn’t need any customization and is also very fast, Open Air is the right time to choose.

X Theme – Yoga Pre-Built Template

X Theme - Yoga Pre-Built Template

X Theme is one of the most powerful Yoga WordPress themes in this list. It comes with all the bells and whistles that you’d find in a typical WordPress multipurpose theme. If I start listing all the features this theme comes with, it would take a long time and a dedicated article.

To summarize, you get to choose from more than 100 theme demos and templates that you can easily import. If you want, you can further customize this theme and make it look unique as per your desire.

If you get X Theme, it doesn’t matter what type of website you want to launch. Just one click and you are half-way into launching your website to the public.

Divi Theme By Elegantthemes

Divi Theme By Elegantthemes

Divi is one of the oldest multipurpose WordPress themes out there. It also comes packed with a Yoga Studio demo that you can easily import and start customizing using the in-built Divi page builder.

Custom shortcodes, custom homepage layouts, SEO structure and 100% e-commerce compatibility make Divi the best theme to launch and run a fully-fledged Yoga studio business online.

Plus, Divi theme has been around for a long time. This means that it’s less likely to stop rolling future updates and any changes in WordPress will be adopted without any problems.

The one downside to using Divi is the fact that you will have to renew your theme license every year or have to pay a hefty sum for the lifetime membership.

Yoku – Yoga Studio and Ayurveda Theme

Yoku - Yoga Studio and Ayurveda Theme

Do you have a Yoga course that you want to sell online but can’t quite figure out how? Yoku is the perfect WordPress theme to start selling your own Yoga courses online without any coding knowledge or the need to hire an expensive web designer.

It comes packed with all the premium features such as custom homepage layouts, testimonial sections, galleries, shortcodes and much more.

Yoku is also a pretty fast WordPress theme as it manages to load within 3 seconds on Google Chrome and FireFox.

Although, you can use it for selling your courses, in case, if you want to start a blog, you can do that too without any customization. This makes Yoku the perfect Yoga WordPress theme to invest your money into.

Astra Pro Theme

Astra Pro Theme

Astra Pro is one the fastest WordPress themes today. Even the free version is more than enough to launch a fully-fledged blogging business online.

You’d be glad to know that it also comes packed with a Yoga demo that you can install easily. The fast nature of this theme and the fact that it also comes with many visual elements that you can use to build powerful websites, makes Astra Pro a promising offering in the market.

The Yoga demo does have a minimal touch to it and I also don’t recommend using this theme on a e-commerce website and it might not have e-commerce elements specifically for that purpose.

Jogasana Yoga Theme

Jogasana Yoga Theme

Jogasana Yoga theme is a yoga theme for Yoga Agencies and businesses. You can sell your courses, host events, launch your Yoga store and even start a Yoga membership website using this theme.

In the homepage itself, you’ll see a custom Class booking section from your can book your classes, and process the payment without visiting any other page on the website.

On top of that, you will also find a testimonial section, team section, info bars, events section which showcases upcoming events and a shop section with latest and featured shop items.

If I had to name the most powerful Yoga WordPress theme, this one would be it.

Inhale Yoga and Fitness Theme

Inhale Yoga and Fitness Theme

inhale is a simple Yoga theme from Mojo Marketplace that’s most suitable for a Yoga business website or a blog as it doesn’t showcase any WooCommerce functionality in the demo.

You get to choose from different page layouts, galleries, blog section, a custom homepage and more.

On top of that, you can also setup various pages with unique design and layouts that will help you in giving your website a professional look and feel.

Yogi Yoga WordPress Theme

Yogi Yoga WordPress Theme

Yogi is a fully-packed WordPress theme for yoga. It has a unconventional homepage with the header hanging in the middle of the viewport with a background slider.

When you scroll down, you’ll see a homepage banner section with a welcome not and a bunch of information about the business.

You can include the list of classes, recent blog posts, a CTA section and a custom footer bar.

With a few minor tweaks, this theme can be used for any given niche.

Conclusion: Best Yoga WordPress Themes

These were some of my favorite Yoga WordPress themes today. I believe with these themes, you can start your own Yoga blog or an e-commerce store that sells Yoga centric products online.

What do you think about these yoga WordPress themes? Drop your thoughts in the comment section below and start a conversation with likeminded people.

If you want to recommend a theme or two, drop them in the comment section as well.